Imansuangbon Formally Picks labour Party membership card in Benin,


A former Edo State governorship aspirant, Bar. Ken Imansuangbon , has described the labour party as the People’s party.

Imansuangbon, who made the remarks after receiving his membership card from the Labour Party in Benin City,.

The popular Rice man boast of resisting any politicians who plans to hinder his political ambition.

According to him, We joined the Labour Party (LP), the party for the ordinary people and good people of Nigeria today here in Edo. Two weeks ago I was received in Abuja by the national chairman, Julius Abure. Yesterday, I was in my village, ward 2 Ewohimi, where I formally joined LP.

“Today is a wonderful day. I have been received by the state exco of LP under the leadership and chairmanship of Kelly Ogbaloi. Myself, Amen Ogbemudia and Andrew Emwanta were received.

“We are excited. My message is that for 20 years, I have sought to serve Edo people. I started my sojourn under Grace group to ACD to AC to ACN and then to Labour Party. But with all my good heart for the people, very few people refused to allow the will of the people to stand. I have done my best for Edo people and I am thankful that I am an Edo man.

“Any Edo man is one of the finest specie created by God under heavens. Now, my eyes are now opened, I have decided to take my case in 2024 to God Almighty and to Edo people. I do not want to put my case in the hands of godfathers anymore. I am tired of the oppression of godfathers, I am tired of the pain of godfathers, I am tired of the godfathers’ deception and trick, I want to take my faith and my destiny and put into God’s hands as well as the hands of the people of Edo State.

“With God and Edo people, my 2024 is sure. So, I am not bothered what the godfathers are planning, I am bothered about where they have failed us in the past. I am bothered about the resolution of the people. The people will be on my side, hence the people are on my side, God is on my side.

“I have decided to go to the people’s party which is the Labour Party and the “obidient” family. Let the people decide, let the people lead, let the people show the way, let the people’s voice count.

“We can no longer allow one man out of 5million people to decide our fate. It is not going to happen in 2024. I pray that LP will get it right it, and if they do get it right and give me the ticket, Obaseki and Oshiomhole should know that their game is up. When I say their game is up, I mean it is over.

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