Engr. Ikhine Is In Politics Of Inclusiveness

By Ehichioya Steve Odion

A former Governorship aspirant in Edo State, now a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Engr. Gideon Ikhine has become a household name in the politics of Edo State.

As usual, Ikhine the Game Changer is bringing into his new party APC, politics without bitterness, his strategic disposition and the love he has for the people of Edo State.

Ikhine, a team player any day, exhibited his political prowess when he led Senator Clifford Ordia, Hon. Joe Edionwele and Hon. Sergius Ogun to their first ever victory to the National Assembly.

He also stood his grounds on principles, against the not so palatable third term brouhaha, in order to support Monday Okpebholo, Deacon Patrick Idiake, Hon. Oddy Okojie of the APC. His move with his colleagues from PDP gave the much needed leverage and necessary support that turned the apple cart for victory for APC in the current National Assembly election.

In one of our interviews with him, he is still very optimistic of Idiake’s victory at the tribunal, saying “we won that election and Patrick Idiake will reclaim his victory at the tribunal”.

Ikhine also went ahead to support the leadership of APC to deliver the present member representing Esan West at the Edo State House of Assembly, Hon. Jonathan Ibhamawu.

His politics without bitterness made him to accept being the Director General to Governor Godwin Obaseki, even after he was stepped aside by the “Abuja Politicians” and without any inducement or collecting any money from Gov. Obaseki for him to step down. He went ahead to accept the position of Director General for the Obaseki’s campaign organization.

He was later stepped down to become the Deputy Director General with Osarodion Ogie, Esq. becoming the DG, but without any rancor as the aim was to deliver Governor Obaseki. He took the development calmly and worked in so much cordiality with Ogie without breaking ranks. He was so strategic in his campaign and persuaded Governor Obaseki to go round the 192 wards with him. This journey made the governor to know the state better, because before now the governor has never been to most of the towns and villages in the state.

After this tour of the wards Governor Obaseki realised that some of the towns and villages needed government attention and decided to incorporate them into his budget.

His disposition towards those people who he perceived to have taken advantage of him has not changed and he did not show any animosity towards them during our interview with him. He consistently referred to those persons as nice and good people who acted based on their knowledge and limitations.

He advised going forward we must vote for any one with a plan and passion for the people and the state. He is a man of peace, contentment, love for anyone that comes across him, if you are opportuned to meet him, the first thing you will notice is his discipline, focus and jovial personality.

There is no doubt that Engr. Gideon Ikhine’s new party APC will find him very useful and a dependable politician who will go to any length to mobilize for his party in any election for victory to come. The party only need to give him all the necessary support at the appropriate time to enable him perform all the political magic he displayed that gave PDP victory through the 24 years he spent in the party.

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