Celebrating First Owan Senator, Yisa Braimah at 81


Many people must have bookmarked August 12 every year in their diaries as the birthdate of one of the living legends of the Edo North senatorial district.

It is for no ordinary reason that they resort to doing so. Even beyond Owan and the Edo North district, August 12 holds special significance to the family, friends and associates of Engr. Yisa Braimoh

Last year when he joined the octogenarian club, the Braimoh family organised a heart-stomping birthday party in his honour.

Again, a bigger birthday bash would not be out of place this year, not minding the economic squeeze the whole of the country is experiencing

Having added a year to his age is worth celebrating. After all, 81 is a milestone. It is not everyone that is blessed with longevity in a clime where the lifespan is pegged at 52 or thereabout.

It is somehow intriguing to the cursory observer how his many political triumphs have inadvertently dwarfed his more stellar outputs in other spheres of life. But then, that is the kind of person the popular Owan-born politician is made of.

At 81, Sen. Braimoh is an enigma. He is so full of energy and life and also very down-to-earth despite his numerous feats, one of which is being the first Owan to represent the Edo North district in the Senate.

Until his late mother passed away, it used to be a remarkable feature to behold both of them celebrating their birthday on the same day and the same month. Such was a rare occurrence

In terms of reach out and popularity, Sen. Braimoh is one of the few Edo-North politicians who has been able to remain in constant touch with ordinary folks. He owes this to his populist political ideology as well as numerous acts of philanthropy

For example, in Ihievbe, his hometown, it is common for first-time visitors to receive directions to the abode of the former Senator from any motor park servicing the community. Taxi drivers, artisans, students, and even the market men and women are ever so willing to point one in the direction of his country home or take the pains to lead one there, at no extra cost

The outpouring of affection toward the former Senator is palpable. Folks point to his unblemished public service record, the string of outreach initiatives powered by him to make life more meaningful to the downtrodden as well as his open door policy which promotes free access and consultation between him and the people

A pious and deeply
religious man, Sen. Braimoh has been a blessing to his family, community, and humanity.

Virtually all his children, Grand children are doing very well in their various spheres of life. One of them, Hon. Afishetu Braimoh is the immediate former Edo State commissioner of Business, Trade and Cooperatives. She was the star performer in the dissolved Obaseki cabinet

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