Edo APC chairman advocates ethical leadership


The Edo state chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr David Imuse has reiterated his commitment to
Ethical leadership saying that it is the foremost responsibility of leaders to maintain high ethical standards and ensure that their conduct always align with societal values.

Dr Imuse spoke at the weekend after he was conferred with the Ethical Leadership/Conduct Compliance Award by the Board of Trustees and management of the Centre for Ethics and Self-value Orientation.

According to him, “Ethical leadership has always been an essential aspect of my personal and professional life, and I believe that it should be an integral part of all organizations and individuals”, adding that, “The importance of ethical leadership has been even more apparent in the current times when we are faced with unprecedented challenges – moral, ethical, and societal”.

“Ethical leadership demands honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability, and empathy. We must strive to build trust, respect, and confidence amongst our team members, stakeholders, and the broader community.

“However, ethical leadership cannot be achieved alone. It requires collaborative efforts, collective responsibility, and active participation from everyone involved. It calls for creating a culture of ethics that empowers individuals to make ethical decisions, question when something seems wrong, and speak up without fear of retaliation”.

Dr Imuse added, “Moreover, ethical leadership requires continuous self-reflection, self-evaluation, and self-improvement. It is a lifelong journey, and we should constantly remind ourselves of our responsibilities, values, and the impact of our actions on others”.

Speaking at the conferment ceremony, weekend, Executive Director of the centre, Prince Salih Musa Yakubu said the award on the APC chairman is in recognition of his commitment to community/humanity service, integrity, national interest and due process compliance.

Yakubu added that, the award was also for Dr Imuse’s innovativeness, emotional intelligence, participatory management style, industrial harmony, conflict prevention and management style, transparency/accountable leadership, professional ethics compliance and ethical uprightness in political party administration.

Commending Col Imuse for, “Your passionate resolved to work for a new nation anchored on integrity, value leadership and ethical consideration”, he said his selection, followed, “our secret Independent assessment exercise conducted without your consent”.#

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