Toast masters club unveils in Edo

By GoldQueeneth

An international organization , Toast masters whose objectives is meant to support people to develop and polish their public speaking and leadership skills has debut in Benin, Edo state capital.

Boderline News reports that Toastmasters carried out their operation through clubs across the continents at different locations.

This disclosure was made by Mr
Bugie Okhuemoi who is the chartered President of Benin Quintessential Toastmasters Club during the club’s first meeting of the year in GRA axis of the state capital.

Mr Okhuemoi, pioneer president of the organization, said the reason for registering its presence in Benin was create awareness about the organization in the state.

In his address during the stakeholders in Benin, Bugie said :
Toastmasters is an international organization which has helped people all over the world to develop their public speaking and leadership skills.

He said toastmasters operate through clubs across the world in different locations.

Also speaking, Tejiri Jerry Chunu, the Vice President Education said : “Toastmasters is a worldwide nonprofit educational organization that empowers people to become more effective communicators and leaders with over 364,000 members in more than 16,200 clubs across 145 countries.

Tejiri stated that Toastmasters is an effective provider of dynamic, high-value, experiential communication and leadership skills development.

He said they are in the process of charting the first club in Edo State to put Edo in the global map as a state committed to raising effective global communicators, in order to give indigenes and residents of Edo state the opportunity to engage in quality communication and leadership skills development.

He further stated that the aim of toastmasters is to see a crop of professionals who can make compelling presentations with confidence, winning at all times regardless of the outcome.

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