SACfruits set to sign endorsement deal with Osariemen Asein, Guinness World record attempter on longest reading Aloud


An Edo born Guinness World Record Attempter for the Longest Marathon Reading Aloud by an Individual, Osariemen Angel Asein is on the verge of securing her first major endorsement deal with SACfruits, a proudly Edo product with a global presence in major supermarkets.

Recall, the Edo state born Osariemen Angel Asein recently made headlines of the media over her remarkable feat when she embark on a 200-hour “Longest read-aloud marathon by an individual” for the Guinness World Record.

She was celebrated by the Edo state governor Mr Godwin Obaseki who also gifted her with the sum of 20 million naira .

The CEO of SACfruits, Afishetu Braimoh, a former Commissioner for Business, Trade, and Cooperative in Edo State, during a chat with journalists in Benin Edo State expressed pride in associating the brand with Osariemen, acknowledging her remarkable achievement that brought pride to Nigeria and the global community.

Osariemen’s extraordinary feat of reading aloud for an astounding 230 hours has garnered widespread attention and admiration, making her a prominent figure in the literary and cultural spheres.
According to the information obtained from the management of SACfruits, Osariemen’s manager, Comrade Amienye Omorogie, has been actively engaged in negotiations with SACfruits Limited to finalize the endorsement deal, marking a significant milestone in Osariemen’s burgeoning career.

The collaboration between Osariemen and SACfruits signifies a union of two exceptional entities, each representing excellence and innovation in their respective domains.

As Osariemen continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable achievements, this endorsement deal is poised to further elevate her profile and solidify her status as an influential figure in the public eye.

The impending partnership between Osariemen Angel Asein and SACfruits is a testament to the power of talent, perseverance, and the ability to inspire others, setting the stage for a promising collaboration that is set to make waves in the global market.

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