Owan Hurrying out of Marginalization Zone


When the late Hon minister of information,late Prince Tony Momoh wrote the book titled Each man, His time he probably did not envisaged that the title will capture the present scenerio in Edo state where the Owan clan is been recognized with highly sensitive political offices.

In a space of one month, the Owan people were named as beneficary of an exalted office.

Of the six local government areas that make up the Edo North district, Owan is in the pole position for all the right reasons .

Everything seems to be working well for Owan. In strict political language, it can be said that Owan is the beautiful bride to covet and there is no need to begrudge her.

The recent Owan political exploits have somehow temporarily buried the talks of the marginalization of the area

it started first at the National Assembly and later trickled down to the state level, Owan is on a political roller coaster honeymoon and it may take a while before it realizes the full import of the good fortune that has befallen her in recent times.

In the House of Representatives, where Prof. Julius Ihonbvere set the ball rolling by emerging as the House Majority Leader in a keenly contested race.

In all intents and purposes, this position is in no way trivial. The House Leader is a top political position and whoever occupies the post wields substantial influence on the smooth running of the House, political balance, and harmony

Also, the occupant of the office is rated as number five in terms of the sitting arrangement, often seated on the front row during plenary. He also enjoys similar perks and privileges as other principal officers of the House.

While the political good tidings were unfolding and also to the advantage of Owan at the national level, a similar scenario played out at the state level.

Similarly, an Owan politician, Hon Blessings Agbebaku emerged as the Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly.

By his position, the Speaker is automatically the number three citizen of the state.

As if that was not enough, an Owan person also emerged as the Minority Leader of the state assembly.

On the political scale of attainments, it looks like Owan has done pretty well as far as being able to capture power in a fiercely competitive political space.

The area can now boast of producing a Senator, House Majority Leader, Deputy Governor, and a Speaker.

What is left now is to produce a governor and it looks achievable in not-so-distant time.

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