Obaseki hosts journalists, hails contribution to State’s growth, devt


The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has commended journalists in the State for their critical roles in the growth and development of the State over the past seven years.

Obaseki said this at the end of year party organized by the State government for members of the Edo State Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ).

The governor said, “I am here to thank you very much because you have been one of the pillars of the success of my administration in the past seven years as you have driven us to achieve most of what we have achieved.” 

“I don’t see criticism as a bad thing. It helps us check ourselves and what we are doing. You will have a stunted democracy if you don’t have a virile press. There is absolutely nothing wrong; there is everything going for a strong, virile and critical press in a democracy. I am one of those who endorse all professional things you do. That is why you don’t see me react or angry about the things I read and hear but to reflect on those views expressed.”

He added, “In the last seven years, I have been blessed with people like you and all I need to say is thank you for all you have done for my administration.”

Noting some of his government’s success over the past seven years, the governor said, “We have so much to be grateful for in the last seven years. In 2016, the image of the State and its people was at its lowest as the confidence of an Edo person had almost disappeared. In 2017, the level of human trafficking and illegal migration showed we don’t have any hope and image was at its lowest. Today, we have re-established the Edo pride, restored our pride as the country looks up to us.

“In a democracy, the people determine what happens to them as nobody from outside can control Edo people. No matter what happens to Nigeria, Edo has a future.”

In his response, the Chairman of Edo NUJ, Festus Alenhke, expressed appreciation to the governor for his support to the journalists, commending him for connecting the press center with fibre optic internet infrastructure, enabling journalists to use free Internet facilities.

He said, “As a journalist, we balance our stories. That is why your media team has not had issues with us, refuting stories from us. We are also using this opportunity to present a compendium of the Edo State Council of the Nigerian Union of Journalists. We have accredited them to distinguish between who a journalist is and others who are media workers. We have 261 practicing and qualified journalists in Edo State.”

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