Nigeria @ 63: Saliu Ahmed foresees bright future with Tinubu


The Managing Director of Benin Owena Rivers basing authority, Engr Saliu Ahmed said the President Bola Tinubu led administration has the ability to rejig the country’s economy but needed the patience of the people while the process is going. .

Engr. Ahmed, the Managing Director of the Benin-Owena River Basin Development Authority, BORBDA, made the assertion in Benin, the Edo State while speaking with journalists ahead of Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary

According to Engr Ahmed ,the present economic situation in the country which we cannot shy from and which is also global, I can assure you that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu possesses the magic wand to change the fortunes of the country and, therefore, requires a little more time to reset the system and create a brighter and more rewarding future for us all.

Expressing his optimism about the capacity of the current President to meet the yearnings of the people and also lay a solid foundation for a prosperous Nigeria despite the temporary setbacks the country may be facing, the Auchi-born APC stalwart said he is a staunch believer in the President’s renewed hope mantra, and urged Nigerians to exercise a little bit of patience as they try to refit and re-engineer the economy while also dismantling the systemic clogs preventing good governance

According to Engr. Ahmed who described himself as an incurable optimist, the task before President Tinubu may look herculean, he will certainly not disappoint, having performed a similar feat in Lagos.

He further explained that though the removal of the fuel subsidy may seem harsh, it is, however, one of those painful and hard decisions that needed to be taken to clear the Augean stable before the country can make a fresh start.

He also appealed to Nigerians not to lose hope, noting that support for the Tinubu administration was the surest way to get out of the woods in time, insisting it is incumbent upon every one of us to sink our differences and join hands to build a better country we can all be proud of.

On the role and impact of the river basin authorities in the country, Engr. Ahmed assured there would be role reversal and greater efficiency with President Tinubu at the helm of affairs, saying the new Sheriff is passionate about the robust management of our nation’s water resources.

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