Group says inconvenience caused by fuel subsidy removal is temporary

As the nation marks 63 years of nationhood, the Female Professionals Support Group for Tinubu and Good Governance has assured Nigerians that the inconvenience caused by fuel subsidy removal is a temporary measure and the gains of the policy will soon manifest.

Founder of the UK based group, Dr. Mena M.D. Akpoguma Okuoimose addressing journalists in Abuja, weekend said since, “Nigeria has saved over $1.32 billion since July 2023, which can be used for infrastructure and job creation, we suggest setting up a commission to ensure funds are well managed and consider subsidizing the effects of inflation for citizens.

On other urgent steps to help cushion the effects of the policy on citizens, she said, “The President must urgently implement price caps on essential goods and services, promote provision of interest-free loans to support businesses, reduce unnecessary government spending”.

In addition, she said the government must increase tax collection efforts, boost export competitiveness and develop natural resources, consider raising interest rates if necessary and as deliberate policy, focus on building foreign currency reserves.

Formed originally, “with the aim of garnering both foreign and local support for Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidential bid, as well as to support the All-Progressive Congress (APC) and promote good governance in his administration”, Dr Mena Okuoimose said,”Our group will liaise with Nigerian consulates overseas to boost business ties and enhance our country’s reputation”.

“We also aim to promote Nigeria’s image at home and abroad and attract foreign investments, and encourage transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption measures across the administration”.

Meanwhile, Dr Mena Okuoimose has said that, “I am willing to use my extensive experience, including a doctorate in Business Administration and over 14 years in the UK National Health Service, to serve in any capacity that can benefit the country”.

Arguing that, her group has a history of supporting Nigeria, and is eager to contribute to the success of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration, She said, “We will continue to promote and support the APC and work tirelessly to help bring meaningful development to our beloved country”.

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