It has come to our attention that there are some persons strategically positioned by those who do not mean well for our party to sow seeds of division within the party to reduce the chances of the party in the forthcoming gubernatorial election. One weapon these elements use is peddling falsehood. On our part our resolve is to furnish these people, and the general public with the truth. For those of us who have been around from the beginning of the OBIdient movement till date, we know for a fact that Honourable Sergius Ogun is not a new comer to the Labour Party and its Siamese twins the OBIdient Movement.
While they are busy themselves spreading lies and sowing discord, here are some undeniable truths they don’t want you to know…

1. While the PDP was dribbling with their Presidential ticket, and was showing no serious sign to give Peter Obi the ticket. Hon. Sergius Ogun was the only National Assembly Member who challenged the PDP in the open for trying to subject Peter Obi to an embarrassing situation. In the words of Sergius Ogun “The PDP should not even have someone contesting against Peter Obi. In fact, they should be begging Peter Obi to fly their ticket”.

2. Sergius Ogun was the only National Assembly Member in Nigeria who publicly encouraged Peter Obi to leave the PDP and contest elsewhere, while warning that the PDP was planning to embarrass Peter Obi, hence it will be wise for him to leave the party, while assuring that the OBIdients including himself will be the structure for Peter Obi wherever he goes.

3. In June of 2022, after Peter Obi had joined the Labour Party and other parties where pushing the propaganda that Peter Obi does not have a structure in Labour Party and has no chance. Sergius Ogun was the only National Assembly member who publicly stood in the House to declare that he is 100% OBIdient and he would be a structure for Peter Obi. He went further to grant an interview on National Television in an energetic way that it is ignorance to say Peter Obi does not have a structure in the Labour Party. He went ahead to cite the structure of the NLC and the TUC as a formidable structure in the Labour Party, the millions of OBIdients home and abroad who are energetic about seeking true change as a structure for Labour Party and how he himself is a structure for the Peter Obi in his own constituency.

4. Remember, before Peter Obi Came into the Labour Party, many politicians did not believe the Labour Party can be formidable enough. They were scared to identify with Peter Obi in a formerly unpopular party. Sergius Ogun identified with Peter Obi in the Labour Party before Labour Party became the most popular party in Nigeria today. Sergius Ogun invested his reputation, office and time in the formative years of the Labour Party we are seeing today.

5. While many local Governments were battling to secure agents’ money for the election. Sergius Ogun paid all Labour Party Agents in his area before the election. He paid them x2 of what agents are usually paid to motivate them and also advice them on how to defend the votes, because he is someone who is experienced in winning Election in Edo state and he has done that two times. Peter Obi went on to win overwhelmingly in his constituency.

6. Sergius Ogun did not just openly declare for Peter Obi, he also invested in the OBIdient movement, supporting rallies and OBIdients’ marches across Edo state and Nigeria. The first OBIdients’ Fitness walk that took place in Edo South. Sergius Ogun made his commitment alongside notable individuals such as Hon. Murphy Imasuen, Chief. Patrick Eholor, The Diaspora Women for Peter Obi (DW4PO) headed by Madam Joy Orhue alongside the Diaspora Movement for Peter Obi, all came together to support the event organized by the Students for Peter Obi (SPO) in conjunction with the Take Back Naija (TBN) Support group.

7. Sergius Ogun paid for Campaign Materials such as T. Shirt, Face Cap and Aprons that where distributed to lots of Labour Party and OBIdient members in Edo state to give them a sense of belonging in the party and in the movement. Market women, Keke and bus drivers, students and many more benefitted from this.

We can go on and on to talk among other things how Sergius Ogun has passionately invested in the Party even when he had no intention of contesting under the party. He did what he did genuinely as a proud OBIdient Edo Man who believed that we all have our roles to pull resources and enthusiasm together to liberate our country so that we all can have a country of our own that we can be proud of.

Sergius Ogun without the thought of aspiring under Labour Party paid his dues even at the risk of his standing in the PDP.
His pact with enthroning good governance at all levels in Nigeria is that everyone matter in our collective aspiration to salvage our country. The project right now is re-jig Edo state OBIdiently with Sergius Ogun in the driver’s seat. The task is that we must have all hands on to deliver to ourselves the dividends of good governance with our support for Sergius Ogun.

Edo State is the headquarter of the OBIdient movement.
We therefore appeal to our teeming supporters in the Labour Party and the OBIdient Movement, home and abroad, that our mission has not ended. Let us stop the infighting and not give further room to the opposition to divide us. Labour Party is one Family, Hon. Sergius Ogun is a man of strong Obi-dient convictions and OBIdient credentials who is resolute and determined with what he wants to do. 

We have heard the various advice and strategies from all quarters and be best assured that all are taken into action plans and will be implemented. Nothing is too much to invest in our collective resolve as a people to win.
A People United, Can never be Deafeated. Together we win. God bless you.

*Sergius Ogun is Coming…*
*Labour Party is coming*


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