Fuel scarcity: Etsako accuses Danko of being anti people candidate


The perennial scarcity of fuel, a national scourge and disgrace, may serve as the harbinger of what lies in store for Hon Sunday Anamero a.k.a. Danco, the APC candidate for the Etsako federal House of Representatives election.

The fuel scarcity experience in Etsako especially Auchi, the commercial and administrative headquarter of the Edo North district, has resulted in shady deals across the filling stations in the town.

The resultant crowding of the filling stations in Auchi where the “scarce” commodity is available has created room for the filling station owners to take undue advantage of the exasperated and anxious buyers.

These “dirty and shady deals” with the filling stations owned by the APC House of Representatives candidate fingered as the major culprit, are now creating a big wedge between him and the people.

Danco, as he is fondly called, Is a major petrol distributor in Etsako and owns one of the most patronized filling stations in Auchi.

Even most baffling is Hon Danco’s silence to the plight of the people.

The majority of those who have had the misfortune to bear the brunt of the “shady deals and the underhand tactics” employed by the attendants working in the Danco filling stations have accused him of “feigning ignorance” while the people he hopes to represent are being milked dry.

According to one of the respondents who spoke with our reporter, Hon Danco does not appear serious in his bid to represent the Etsako at the national assembly, preferring to remain aloof and insensitive while his filling stations engage in “anti-people” activities.

He noted with dismay that if Hon Danco can display such a level of insensitivity at a time like this, one wonders what he will do once he becomes an elected member of the House.

Reports said the majority of the filling stations engaged in the “shady deals” deploy two “tricks” to fleece the buyers. While most of them hoard the commodity, a few who sell in the daytime do so at cut-throat prices, even as the rest prefer to close their filling stations during the day only to sell in jerry cans at night at exorbitant rates.

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