Etsako Club 81 Celebrates 40th Anniversary, Lists Achievements


Etsako Club 81, a socio-cultural organization, whose seed was sown by a few Etsako elites then based in Lagos about forty-one years ago, has come of age and can possibly rub shoulders with other well-known clubs in the country.

Looking back today, the founders of the Etsako Club 81 would be relishing in the satisfaction that their “little sacrifices” to protect and preserve the unique identity of Etsako blossomed into reality.

Among the who-is-who in Etsako and beyond who graced the anniversary celebration, held in Lagos, includes the Edo state deputy governor, Hon Phillip Shaibu who also received an award.

With its tentacles spread across all corners of the globe, including Abuja, benin, USA, Canada, UK, and the rest, the club has grown both in stature and clout.

Formed in 1981 with the slogan “N’ Etsako Yalo”, to promote and preserve the cultural heritage and the identity of the Etsako, whether at home or in the diaspora, Etsako Club 81′ has enjoyed spectacular successes as well as being able to touch the lives of the people in a most impactful way.

Among its most notable programmes are the award of scholarships to the brilliant and deserving students of Etsako origin, life insurance schemes for members, health and education-related interventions, and the prompt resolution of communal issues before they escalate into clashes

One of the activities of the Club which still resonates with the people was its front-row role during the period of the flood and COVID-19 pandemic when it activated the donation spree of food items and other essentials to the affected victims.

An elated President of the Etsako Club 81, .Dr. Bala Yesufu captured the essence of the celebration in his remarks at the occasion when he stated, “In our forty years of existence, the Club’s impact reverberates the entire Afenmai land and as far as Edo State and Nigeria as a whole. We have sons and daughters who are doing great things globally as well as lifting our global image. Also, we have promoted ence and religious/ inter-tribal harmony. At the same time, we have also stepped in to make critical interventions where and when necessary”.

The Club according to the president has gone a step further to put in place a succession process that will see its young members transit from the Etsako ’81 Youth Club to the parent body club having served an internship and learned the rudiments of value and leadership.

He added also that the Club has put in place a succession programme that allows its young members to transition seamlessly from the Etsako ’81 Youth Club into the parent body, having served an internship and learned the rudiments of leadership values.

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