Etsako federal constituency: Dekeri floors oghuma, Momoh to clinch APC ticket


[The Edo North APC primaries which took place across the senatorial district produced some startling results with the dark horses having the upper hand in the results so far declared.

By the time the dust finally settles, the major casualties of the just concluded APC primaries in Edo North senatorial district will undertake an immediate audit to unearth what caused their defeat at the primaries.

A popular two-term member of the House of Representatives, Hon Abubakar Momoh, is among the major casualties.

The shock waves of his defeat in the hands of a lesser-known opponent still reverberate across the senatorial district with pundits wondering what on earth could have gone wrong with their earlier predictions of a sweet and easy ride for him.

Strangely, all the permutations by various pundits fell flat in the face of reality.

From nowhere, an APC Stalwart from okpella, Anamero Sunday Dekeri, swept the delegate votes and dealt a crushing blow to the political reputation of one of Etsako’s most popular political sons.

Hon Dekeri polled a total of 66 votes to defeat his four other opponents, including the incumbent.

Coming a close second was Richard Lamai scored 51 votes, while the incumbent, HonJohnson oghuma…. secured a paltry 7 votes to place fifth. Hon Mohammed Bawa got 19 votes to place third while the highly-rated Hon Momoh finished fourth with 14 votes.

The winner of the primary, Hon Dekeri,,a dealer in petroleum products, hails from Okpella, Etsako East local government area. He once aspired for the Edo North senatorial ticket on the platform of the APC.

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