Edos In Diaspora Hail Obaseki, Braimoh Support for MSMEs At Webinar programme


Edo State Commissioner of Business, Trade and Cooperatives, Hon Afie Braimoh shone like a million stars as participants at a Webinar programme poured encomium on her on the dexterity exhibited so far in the promotion of the local MSME’s.

Hon Afie, as she’s fondly called, was the special guest at the 9th session of the Talk to the People webinar series, with the theme: “MSME Development: A Vehicle for Achieving Economic Revolution in Edo State”.

Hon Afie had used the platform provided by the webinar series to give an account of her stewardship as well as the detailed analysis of the giant strides recorded by her ministry in the drive to promote and reposition the local MSME’s for improved productivity, citing as an example, the series of training conducted in collaboration with its development partners like the German GIZ, on financial re-engineering, modern management techniques, packaging, branding, and product promotions.

She also shared some insights on the state government’s success story in its collaborative efforts with local partners such as the Bank of Industry, BOI, which she noted has contributed significantly to the self-sustenance of the local SME’s.

The participants in the zoom webinar session, the majority of whom were owners of local MSME’s, and Edos in diaspora thrilled by her presentations, hailed the hard-working commissioner on her “foresight as well as tenacity” in translating the government’s vision into reality.

A look at some of the messages posted on the social media wall of the programme organizers showed that most of the participants were in total agreement with the submissions.

A post by one of the participants at the webinar programme reads: “Now I see the importance of building a technology hub as we previously discussed at our very first meeting with you, and I’m optimistic it is feasible in due time with you at the helm of affairs”.

Another of the posts reads: ” I admire your humility and simplicity which some think they can take for granted but always end up failing because they do not know that you are like a sturdy engine built to succeed”.

Still another of the posts reads: ” Keep up the good work, ma. They will surely be written on the sands of time”.

There were also those that were a bit more direct and blunt. For instance, one of them wrote: “Not mincing words, I can vehemently and categorically assert that Edo State will undoubtedly be grateful to have you on board, having heard from diverse contributors about the successes recorded within the three months of your engagement in the office”.

Then came this particular post that sounded a lot more subtle, personal, and emotional. The post reads: ” Kudos, ma! You rock! May God reward your passionate efforts with multiple gains and satisfactions to your soul.

Hon Braimoh from reports has done exceedingly well in office especially with the “feminine touch and firmness” she has brought to bear in the discharge of her responsibilities as a commissioner.

The public sees her as a perfect fit for the job of transforming the status of local MSME’s in the state.

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