Constituency Project; Edo North waits on Oshiomhole’ to disclose amount


The Edo north people in Edo state whose interest are represented at the National Assembly by the former Edo State Governor and APC National chairman, comrade Adams oshiomhole have started to voice their concerns and ask questions about the amount of funds allocated for constituency projects in the district.

They seem to have grown impatient waiting for comrade Oshiomhole to reveal the information at his own pace and have therefore decided to urge him to be transparent about the matter.

Ever since the news about the large amounts of money allocated to each Senator as part of their “constituency vote” in the 2024 budget was revealed, former governor and current Senator Adams Oshiomole, has remained silent on the matter.

He has not made any public statement regarding the amount of money allocated to the Edo North district which he represents in the Senate.

During a heated debate on the alleged padding of the 2024 budget to the tune of over N3 trillion, Senator Jerigbe of Cross River State, a ranking senator, revealed that each senator received an N500 million allocation for constituency projects. He also said that non-ranking senators received less than that amount.

Sen. Jerigbe made the revelation while responding to the debate on the N3trn budget padding allegation raised by Bauchi State PDP Senator, Sen. Abdul Ningi

In accordance with Senate rules, any member of the Senate or House of Representatives who has served for at least one year is recognized as a ranking member.

After Jerigbe’s disclosure, some senators voluntarily shared the amount of funding allocated to their senatorial zones for constituency projects.

However, Senator Oshiomole’s decision to remain silent has angered his constituents who demand that he also disclose the amount allocated for constituency projects in the Edo North district, which he represents.

According to a recent opinion survey conducted by Borderline News 24 among some residents of Edo North, there is a high degree of disappointment over the issue.

While they acknowledge his moral rectitude during his eight-year tenure as governor, they are shocked at his recent lack of accountability and transparency.

Although Sen. Oshiomole is a newcomer to the red chamber, he commands a lot of respect in many political circles and holds significant influence. However, his failure to be transparent with his constituents regarding the allocation of funds for constituency projects could potentially cause a rift between him and his people. Is this issue enough to turn the tables and create a significant challenge for him?

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