Braimoh commends Ford Mart Sales of Made In Edo Products (MIEP)


The Edo state Commissioner for Business, Trade and Co-operatives, Hon Afie Braimoh said she is impressed and excited over the management of Fort Mart’s deliberate policy of stocking predominantly Made in Edo Products on its shelves.

A thrilled Hon Braimoh, was full of joy when she played host to the management of the Benin based supermarket who paid her a courtesy visit in her office.

Ford Mart recently flung open its doors to Benin residents where they sell predominantly Made in Edo products.

The supermarket is strategically located right opposite the Edo Specialist Hospital occupying an entire building.

It’s currently stocked with food items on the 1st floor with plans to open the 2nd floor with electronic, plastics, cosmetics and more with a priority on Edo Made products amongst others.

Hon Braimoh pointedly praised the management of the company, led by its CEO, Mr Kish for taking the risk to blaze the trail of having Made in Edo products in a mainstream supermarket in Benin where others are skeptical and afraid to dare.
She expressed her delight having visited the store at 10pm prior and recognized many of the brands as locally made. At that point she requested to meet the management who took time to share their story.

Hon Braimoh commended Ford Mart for keying into the state’s vision as well as braving the market uncertainties to help actualize the”Made in Edo” policy of the state government.

Interestingly, the owners of the supermarket seem to have, from the onset, made the deliberate decision to anchor its sales and marketing strategy on the promotion and patronage of “Made in Edo” Products, especially as Edo state is just the second State where their supermarket chain is situated.

Mr Kish who led the management team to the Commissioner explained the rationale behind the preference for “Made in Edo” Products.

He said the preference for local products was the result of the in-house analysis of consumer tastes and patronage which reveals that Edo people love and adore their local products, stressing that the off takers, as well as the cost-benefit analysis, justifies the risk was worth taking.

Recall the state ministry of Business, Industry, and Cooperatives, under Hon Braimoh, has remained unwavering in its commitment to the promotion of local MSME’s, rendering critical support in areas such as branding, marketing, packaging, market access and visibility.

In her moment of excitement, Hon Braimoh assured the Ford Mart management of the continuous support of the ministry as it strives to popularize the “Made in Edo” policy and enjoined others to emulate them.

Mr Kish and his team expressed joy and delight at the warmth of the Edo indigenes to their arrival. In fact, they opened with plans to open until 10pm but they found that once they locked their doors, people were knocking so they recently extended their opening hours to 12 midnight which is unusual and unheard of in Edo State.

He further stated that this could only be achieved because Edojobs has been instrumental in ensuring they have the required personnel. They run three shifts with a staff strength of about 77 with plans to increase as they meet the needs of the Edo shopper.

Hon Commissioner has on several fora said ;” if we build they will come. This is a true example. of customer focused strategy in our state.”

“When you are deliberate with the people in mind, it becomes a win win for all parties according the Hon Braimoh. We plan to brand a shelf in store dedicated to Newly launched Made in Edo Products. Let the customer decide whether they are shelf ready or not”

. “With the collaboration of Nafdac i’m registering our locally made products and deliberately people
focused policies by the Sellers, there is no question that we can sustain the Edo SME in terms of market acceptance, market visibility and empowerment. “

“The Ministry is currently working on a “Proudly Edo” policy statement that will represent a mark of excellence for all
products packaged in Edo State. We must celebrate who we are and it starts with Us, our foods, our people and all that represents who we are.”

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