Ayogwiri Mourns Gunshot victim, corpse slated for burial


The Ayogwiri community in Etsako West Local Government of Edo State are still mourning the gruesome killing of their son, late Godwin Idumane Atsekhagbo by suspected cultist while returning from a wedding of a kinsman in Fugar.

The family decided to bury the deceased so as to get closure of the trauma.

The late Godwin left behind an aged mother and kids hence keeping him in the morgue for long is a nightmare .

Contrary to the earlier reports, the victim is not in any way related to the groom who is from Michael Ogie family.

He simply honoured the wedding invitation by the groom who happened to be his kinsman.

BorderlineNews24 gathered that the vehicle conveying the alleged cultist who were masquerading as vigilantes trailed the vehicle conveying the wedding guests up to Ogbona secondary school gate from Fugar where they shot sporadically in the process with bullet hitting Godwin who was on a bike with some other occupants and died on the spot.

The alleged cultists group was said to have been led by one Osole , a tipper driver from Fugar.

The remains of the deceased was deposited at the mortuary .

it was learnt that the police have Made some arrest of the some suspected culprits while investigation is still on going .

However, the family of the groom, Ogie Michael of Ayogwiri is still in shock over the incident.

What was supposed to be a consumption of the love between their son, Victor, and his fiancee, Angela Thomas, of Fugar, Etsako Central, on August 19, turned into a “nightmare”

A friend of the groom family disclosed that the groom performed all the traditional marriage rites as demanded by custom .

Also, the family source dismissed as untrue the allegation that the cow purchased by the groom and the money showered on couple sparked the crisis insisting it was only a diversionary .

He added that the groom went the extra mile of buying a cow as a sign of goodwill and to be used in the entertainment of the guests, adding it was never a part of the marriage requirements.

Meanwhile, friends and relatives closed to the groom are allegedly pointing accusing fingers at the bride’s family on the death of Godwin and the skirmishes that played out during the wedding ceremony .

, They alleged that a former lover of the bride brought people suspected to be cultist to the wedding for ulterior motives and attempt was made on the life of the groom at the occasion while his father was manhandled .

It was also said that the bride was privy to the pre arranged plan to cause mayhem hence her refusal to follow the vehicle meant to convey her and the groom to the husband place at Ayogwiri as custom demands.

Similarly, some Ayogwiri youths who spoke with, Borderline News24 said the death of one of their son, though regrettable, will not cause friction between the community and Fugar.

They, however, insisted that the conduct of the bride’s family on the wedding day left a lot of room for foul play

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