Aftermath of Gas explosion in Auchi; Edo Govt to revive community fire service office


The recent gas explosion that rocked the ancient city of Auchi, leading to the loss of valuable properties, including vehicles, may have prompted the Edo State government to reconsider the idea of reactivating the community fire service office as the first point of call in dealing with future occurrences of such magnitude.

The state Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mrs. Isoken Omoh made the revelation when she visited the scene of explosion in Auchi to assess the damage and investigate the causes.

The commissioner’s team, which included representatives from various ministries also visited the Chairman of Council, Hon. Marvelous Muhizu Zibiri, who expressed gratitude for the prompt response and assured full cooperation in the investigations.

Emphasizing the importance of safety and environmental standards, the Chairman pledged to collaborate with relevant agencies to prevent future incidents.

The inspectors commended the Chairman’s proactive response and vowed to work together to prevent future gas explosions. They also urged residents to report any suspicious activities.

, The team also visited the palace of the Otaru of Auchi, Alh. Aliru H. Momoh, Ikelebe III, to express sympathy and promised to revamp the Fire Service Office to improve emergency response

One of the gas plants located in the heartland of Auchi, the political and commercial capital of Etsako as well as the Edo North district, recently exploded, leaving a trail of sorrow and anguish in the minds of the residents.

The resulting inferno from the gas explosion, which is said to have started on a Saturday evening, spread from the location of the gas plant opposite the Total filling station to the nearby properties and ended up consuming most of the residences, shops, and parked vehicles.

An eyewitness who was within the vicinity of the explosion told Borderline News 24 that the thunderous sound of the explosion causing panic among the residents.

The owners of the affected properties did not have enough time to save some of their belongings, including vehicles, before the fire consumed them.

They helplessly watched as the explosion’s fireballs destroyed what they had worked hard for over the years.

The remains of the houses, shops, and parked vehicles were scattered around the explosion site.

Some of the victims blamed the lack of a fire service station in the area for their troubles.

While urging authorities to prohibit the construction of gas plants in purely residential areas, some victims also called for the reinstatement of community fire service officers to serve as first responders.

The investigation by Borderline News 24 revealed that Auchi town, despite its size, does not have a single functional fire service post.

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