2023: Church of God mission ‘ll heeds PFN, CAN directives on voting pattern


The Church of God Mission Inc, one of the pioneer Pentecostal fellowships in the country, headquarters in Benin, Edo State said it will heed the directive of both the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) on whom to support during the forthcoming presidential election.

Disclosing the Church stance on the issue of voting preference, The Church Director of Administration, Rev Tari Hudson , noted that the Church has taken some concrete steps toward making sure the CAN/PFN directive is obeyed,.

The two umbrella body criteria are voting for competency,Track records of candidates, conscience without being bullied .

He spoke during a news conference in Benin to mark the end of the six-day International Youth Summit with the theme: Transcend, which was organised by the youth Wing of the Church.

Similarly,The director of Youth fellowship , Pastor Harvey Onephrojire
also provided insights on the main reason why the Church embarked on the Youth Summit, explaining that the Church felt the need to give back to the community as an act of social responsibility.

He said the various tiers of government cannot do it alone and should not be left alone to bear the burden of creating jobs for the youths.

He explained that the Church originally set out to accomplish three main goals through the Youth Summit and expressed delight that the outcome justified the energy and resources expended on the project

“The first goal, he said was to raise a new generation of leaders to drive the change process. The second was to empower the future leaders with requisite skills and
taking them through the burning iron furnace, at the end of which they emerge well trained and certified for the challenges ahead”.

According to him, the second stage involves intensive training in such diverse areas as digital marketing, cyber security, project management, and sundry.

“Lastly, the third goal is to raise an army of fearless Christians who can defend the faith in every corner of the globe”.

He said, “It will amaze you to know that we recorded well over 5000 participants at the Summit. That was an incredible figure. We may not be able to explain how we coped with that monumental number but we certainly made sure that each participant was trained free of charge on a training diet that dwelt basically on capacity building so they can ultimately become “worthy” members of the society”.

Also speaking at the conference, the National Programmes Director of the Youth body, Eddy Ohwofasa, said “the contents of the International Youth summit 2022 remained focused on the Global vision of the ministry to build people into leadership, as well as its vision for the youths to raise God-class leaders with for effective Christian life as well as economic and societal relevance, hence the dedicated capacity building trainings carried out in the conference.”

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