UNIBEN SUG Parliament Reprimands Four Exco members, Commends President


The parliamentary arm of the Students Union body of the University of Benin, Edo State, which waded into the crisis rocking the central body has descended heavily on four members of the union executive for constituting themselves into a parallel body and passing a vote of “no confidence” on the President of the university’s Students Union, Comrade Amadin Foster.

In adopting the recommendations of the committee it set up to investigate the issue, the parliament reprimanded the four members of the union executive for maligning the reputation of Comrade Amadi Foster, the student union president, based on giddy and nominal issues.

The group of four, the G4, as they were labeled, were accused of having ganged up to undermine the powers of the SUG President, Comrade Amadin, by passing a vote of “no confidence” on him, an action that led to a strained working relationship between the G4 and the SUG President who, going by the Constitution of the body, is entrusted with the duty of leading the Union.

The four guilty parties are Comrade Oredia Destiny, Secretary General; Comrade Ekene Arinze, Attorney General; Comrade Benson Osademe, Director of Sports; and, Comrade Sylvester Omorogie, Assistant Secretary General.

In its bid to resolve the imbroglio, the Speaker of the Parliament,. Rt Hon Dignity Amenaghawon directed the Committee on Investigations and Enquiries to examine the seven-point allegations against Comrade Amadin as contained in the memo by the G4, to establish the merits or the demerits of their allegations and to make recommendations to bring the impasse to a speedy and logical conclusion.

The Committee subsequently invited the disputants, including the SUG President, on the 6th of November, 2022, to get first-hand statements on the cause of the attrition.

In its final report submitted to the Parliament, the Committee headed by Comrade Charles Obasi and Shisulen Benedict, chairman and secretary respectively, exonerated the SUG President of any blame as regards the allegations leveled against him. Similarly, the Committee frowned at the “foul language” used against the SUG President by the “indicted four”, saying it found it disgusting and uncomplimentary

The report read, “It should be known this day that the vote of no confidence on Comrade Foster Amadin, the Students Union President of the University of Benin was borne out of personal grievances, envy, jealousy and anger by some members of the executive council

. We advise they refrain from such activities of letting their personal interest and emotions to becloud their sense of judgment and sincerity”.

With the wholesome adoption of the Committee’s report by the Parliament, it is hoped the simmering crisis in the executive body of the Uniben SUG will finally pater out and allow for a more cohesive response to the welfare of the entire student body

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