Students Protest : Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma unaware of Purported “Agreement” Between DSS, Dissolved SUG


The management of Ambrose Alli University said it’s not aware about a Purported circular released by the erstwhile President of the dissolved Student Union Government,
Ibrahim Abdulfatai stating among others, that academic and non-academic activities in the University have been put on hold.

The University Management wishes to inform the University community and the general public that only the University Senate is empowered by law to suspend academic activities.

According to a statement issued by the University’s Acting Registrar, Ambrose E. Odiase in Benin City, the University Management said the suspension of academic activities, being the perogative of the Senate, “has long been done after an emergency Senate meeting, which took place on the 4th of September, 2023.

“All other administrative and non-academic activities are not affected by the decision of Senate.

Also stated in the circular is a purported “agreement” that school fees will returned to status quo and also a temporary suspension of school fees payment.

“The University Management wishes to state that only payment of prescribed fees and registration of courses can confer studentship status on anyone. All students who wish to continue their studentship in Ambrose Alli University are advised to pay up their fees and register their courses before the deadline.

“The University Management wishes to inform students who are having unresolved issues with their Kofa that these issues are already being addressed.”

In the circular under reference, it was stated that the University Management will “release a memo to formalise these changes”.

AAUE Acting Registrar further said “the University Management was never a part of this “agreement.” It is the figment of the imagination of those who originated the circular.
Consultations had begun with aggrieved students on some issues before the erstwhile Student Union leaders decided to take laws into their hands.

“The University Management is still determined to ensure that all outstanding issues are resolved in a peaceful atmosphere. Any purported agreement for another two-week window for negotiations is false and should be disregarded.”

All students are advised to get authentic information from the Student Affairs Division and other official University platforms, says Mr Ambrose Odiase.

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