Sept 2 LG poll : APC , PDP in counter accusations over alleged plan to rig, buy votes


The two of the political parties involved in the Edo state local government elections scheduled for September 2nd has engaged in counter accusations over alleged plan to rig and buy votes .

Edo state chairman of People’s Democratic party, PDP, Dr Tony Aziegbemi yesterday raised alarm through a press statement over an alleged plot by an APC chieftain and an executive Director with the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Gen. Charles Airehiavere to buy rig and votes with 150 million from the the federal government intervention agency, purse, NDDC,.

According to the Edo state PDP chairman, intelligence report available to the party revealed that a Director with the Niger Delta Development Commission will be sharing N150 million at his residence in Benin City to leaders and members of the APC to finance the rigging plan ahead of next Saturday, September 2 Local Government elections in the state.

, “We are once again drawing the attention of the world and all lovers of democracy to the glaring fact that the APC is attempting to rig the Local Government elections scheduled for Saturday, September 2, 2023, by mobilising N150 million from the Niger Delta Development Commission to execute their evil plan to buy votes and rig the elections.

“It is shameful that the APC-led federal government is using funds meant for the development of the oil-rich Niger Delta to buy votes. We are sure that the resort to this shameful tactic is because the APC is certain of defeat.”

“The N150 million should be deployed by the NDDC to fix the failed federal roads in Edo State. And if they are desirous of winning the elections they should campaign and sell their programmes and candidates to Edo people.”

In a counter statement, the All Progressive Congress APC in a statement titled “PDP is dead in Edo state ” signed by the Assistant publicity secretary, Mr Victor osehobo said the the PDP allegations are baseless and unfounded.

“The All Progressive Congress, APC, Edo state is ashamed over the spurious allegations made by the beleaguered factional Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Tony Aziegbemi, regarding a plot to rig and buy votes in the upcoming Local Government elections using N150 million from the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

These allegations are baseless and unfounded, but coming from a decapitated body, it is understandable. The Edo PDP is on life support. Nevertheless, the Edo APC is committed to a free and fair election process, and we believe in the power of our people to choose the next crop of Local government leaders without any external interference or manipulation. But this is a far cry with the junta in Edo.

Furthermore, the factional PDP Chairman’s statement regarding the use of NDDC funds is misleading and lacking in evidence. The NDDC operates independently and has its own budget and priorities. Any insinuation that NDDC funds will be used for illegitimate purposes is a blatant attempt to tarnish the reputation of the commission and the APC. But Mr Aziegbemi cannot understand this.

We also find it ironic that the Edo PDP which leader, for want of a better label, Governor Godwin Obaseki, has already written the results of the elections with PDP candidates as Chairmen/Councillors across the 18 local government areas is the party raising concerns..

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