Oshiomole escapes 2-year jail term
….Did not Pick Presidential nomination form


Given the recent clarifications about the provisions of the new electoral law which stipulates that it is now an offence for aspirants seeking elective positions to pick more than one nomination form, fear has gripped politicians who are uncertain if they may have unwittingly run foul of the law.

The new electoral law, as the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, tried to lay bare its various provisions, prescribes a two-year jail term for anyone who flouts its provisions.

In the clarifications made by Inec, the penalty for picking more than one primary and participating in two-party primaries is a two-year jail term.

However, the clarification is belated considering the parties have since concluded their primaries to select candidates for the various elective positions during which some smart alecs among the political class, especially the overtly ambitious ones may have unwittingly “run foul of the law” by picking more than one nomination form as prescribed by the new law

In Edo State, all eyes are focused on Comrade Adams Oshiomole, the former APC national chairman because within the same period, he was known to have indicated an interest in both the Edo North senatorial ticket and the APC presidential race

This has raised questions in Edo State political circles as to whether the former comrade governor may become one of the major casualties of the new law.

This is even made worse by the absence of details on whether the comrade governor procured the 100m APC presidential nomination form along with that of the Senate.

Fact checks however revealed that Comrade Oshiomole only bought the Edo North senatorial form in which he participated and also emerged victorious unopposed.

Political observers said Comrade Oshiomole’s presidential declaration was more of a symbolic gesture than any other thing. According to them, he merely announced his presidential ambition without taking the extra step of picking the form, concluding the presidential move was more of a “strategic” reason than any other.

The same “strategic” reason is possibly what has saved the former comrade governor from a huge embarrassment and possible prosecution.

In a chat with some notable Edo North APC stalwarts, they confirmed the comrade governor did not breach the new electoral law, adding his presidential declaration was simply “symbolic” which was not backed up by the actual procurement of the presidential nomination form.

They further contended that given the comrade governor’s disposition for the “unusual and the outlandish”, he has not breached any law and so cannot be denied his well-deserved senatorial ticket

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