Online Media Practitioners in Edo float Umbrella body


Online Media Practitioners in Edo State have resolved to come under an umbrella known as ONLINE MEDIA PRACTITIONERS.

In a press statement issued and jointly signed by the protem chairman and Secretary of the body, Otunba Mike Ade Aladenika, and Mr. Sam Dada Ayokhai, said the umbrella body is determined to “cleanse” the online media profession of quacks who see the profession as an all-comers, vowing to strictly regulate its practice in line with accepted norms and ethics.

According to the duo, the online version is not in any way different from the traditional media practice in the way news are gathered, processed and presented to the readers and viewers, adding that only the trained and qualified journalists conversant with the ethics and laws of the profession can adequately cope with the rigours of the job.

They lamented the “invasion” of the online media profession by quacks who think the only qualification they require to be called an “online journalist” is the possession of an android phone saying the umbrella body will set standards for practice.

“The umbrella body will endeavor to liaise with relevant authorities and similar bodies in sanitising the profession and promoting the welfare of practitioners,”.

Again, they stressed that “the umbrella body will also strive to ensure its members display a high sense of professionalism to earn the trust and patronage of the public.”

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