Obaseki on a familiar turf  in fighting political benefactors


Undoubtedly, the simmering political feud between Governor Godwin Obaseki and his deputy, Hon. Philip Shaibu may take its toll on governance  but it also reveals the true character of the  political actors.

It is not a strange development seeing the Edo State Gov. Obaseki engaging in an “open and messy fisticuff” with his erstwhile political benefactors.

If recent memories are anything to go by, this is about the second time within his tenure that Gov Obaseki would be engaged in an open confrontation with his political benefactor.

The first was in 2020, a prelude to seeking re-election for a second term in office when he faced stiff opposition from his predecessor and political godfather, Comrade Adams Oshiomole.

The *political mess  fight which ensued thereof polarized the entire state and forced the governor to seek refuge in the opposition PDP where he and his deputy eventually contested and won re-election.

Political pundits have dubbed the governor as one  familiar with the turf of how to “deal decisively” with a benefactors, even if it required openly fighting dirty.

Instructively, Gov Obaseki himself came into political prominence under very unclear circumstances. Out of the blues, he became the “adopted and favoured” candidate ahead of the 2016 Edo Guber election.

Although there were silent giggles within the party which later degenerated into protests and open dissents by the more popular candidates in the then-ruling APC

Against all odds, Comrade Oshiomole stood his ground and Obaseki earned the glory of becoming the successor of the former comrade governor.

The political romance between the two did not last long  as  erupted crisis  later swept Comrade Oshiomole out of office as the APC national chairman for his failure to support the second term bid of the governor.

: Governor Obaseki led his followers which included his deputy to defect to the PDP which was seriously eager to occupy the Government House.

While the fight to demystify the former comrade governor and make him look ordinary raged on, Obaseki relied heavily on his deputy, Hon. Shaibu to execute some of the “dirty jobs”.

Hon. Shaibu was a well known political ally of the former comrade governor.
As a matter of fact, Hon. Shaibu is regarded as the political godson of Comrade Oshiomole.

But out of loyalty to his principal, Shaibu took sides in the political fray and became estranged from his political godfather.

The tables have turned. One of the hunters is now being hunted. How time changes!

Less than a year to the end of their tenure, Gov Obaseki is fighting to remove or relegates  his deputy from his post as the deputy governor of Edo State.

The appetite for political battles shows clearly that Gov Obaseki is not battle-weary as some pundits had assumed.
The former chairman of people’s Democratic party PDP in Edo state, chief Dan orbih  who was also an obaseki s political benefactor is presently on a walk way licking his wound for supporting the governor to achieved  his second term ambition as a governor.

While the two combatants have refused to disclose the kernel of their political dispute, *Borderline News24* gathered that it had a lot to do with the succession plan of the governor.

Sources said the only “political sin” Hon. Shaibu committed was for daring to aspire to replace his boss whose tenure is due to expire next year.

Hon. Shaibu has, in recent months, been busy repairing burnt political bridges and reconciling with former political allies across the state. His efforts had gained great traction.

However, this did not go well with his boss who felt his deputy has crossed the red line and decided to scuttle whatever ambition he may have.

Ironically, some kinsmen of the embattled deputy governor who are of the same Edo North stock seem to have lent themselves as a willing tool to the governor

Prominent Edo North politicians are said to have become “willing tools” in the hands of Gov Obaseki and the “dirty job” to stop the deputy governor at all costs. Names like that of Hon. Kabiru Adjoto, a former Speaker and Hon Jimah Ijegbai  has been mentioned as part of those leading the home front onslaught against the deputy governor.

All eyes are fixated on the unfolding drama as well as the dramatis persona involved.

Will Gov Obaseki have his way as usual? Is this a genuine fight on the side of power rotation? Will something snap and make him lose for the first time?

Many questions but the answers are blowing in the air.

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