Obaseki : Best Performing Yet Greatly Misunderstood Governor in Nigeria. . . Aziegbemi.


Edo state Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has been described as the best performing but most Misunderstood governor in Nigeria.

The statement was contained in a statement issued in Benin by the Edo state Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Tony Aziegbemi to mark the 66th birthday celebration of the governor .

The state PDP chairman further stated that Mr Godwin Obaseki has displayed the highest level of knowledgability about good governance when rated alongside his contemporary governors in Nigeria.

“Governor Obaseki’s knowledgability about governance today dwalfed those of his contemporaries, thus taking Edo state to twenty years and more far and above other states in Nigeria, no doubt then that Edo state government’s policies have become a course of study for other states.

According to the PDP, Edo state chairman, ” within the space of six to seven years, Governor Obaseki has been able do redesign, modernize, and actualize with a touch of definite progression, the dreams of the founding fathers of Edo state.

“Here is a governor of divine instinct whose people oriented policies has taken Edo state into the future. His decision to delve into the future of ICT which nations like China and India made a priority will lay a foundation of technology breakthrough for our teaming youths.

“Governor Obaseki’s investment in theTechnology hub, the Edo Tech Park, where youths are trained in software engineering will, in the next five years, produce about 15,000 trained software engineers that would generate programmes for companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and others.”

“This is an investment designed, not for today but for the future. It will, as a matter of fact, secure the future of our youths. While the youths of other states will be looking for employment, our own youths will be employers of labour.

Dr Tony Aziegbemi said “Gov. Obaseki discovered early enough that no sustainable growth could ever be achieved without power, thus the establishment of the
Ossiomo Power Plant that is
generating about 95 Megawatt of electricity to guarantee power 24/7 in the state. The beauty of the Ossiomo Power Plant is that it is 100% private initiative and a product of the much talked about MOU. Government offices, Industrial sectors, Street lights and other points of hospitalities are quality testimonies for constant power supply.

“Another legacy project of the Obaseki government is in the education sector that has brought about the novel, EdoBest, which has been adjudged to be the bedrock of this administration. Governor Obaseki’s intervention at the Primary and post-primary levels are yeilding results. The school of nursing, the college of Agriculture, Iguoriakhi, among other state owned post primary institutions have been upgraded to international standard in structure and in content.

“As a result of his forward looking policies, Governor Godwin Obaseki earned international recognition as
Edo State was the only sub-national that was invited to the UN summit in New York recently. Similarly, Edo State was the only sub-national that was invited to South-Korea, for the Smart City Conference which included seminars and workshops.

“Another legacy project is the first Modula Refineries in Nigeria, a thought-line of Obaseki’s administration which has created gainful employment for our teaming youths. Another first is the provision of free internet service working around selected areas in Benin City. Prompt payment of salaries, including the introduction of 13 months salary payment to workers at a whopping 40,000 Naira Minimum wage, payable by only Edo state.

Dr. Tony Aziegbemi said “despite all the landmark achievements made by the Godwin Obaseki administration, it’s policies are the most criticised. His person grossly misunderstood but thank God for his life. He is so determined, focused and undeterred by whatever criticism as, according to him, ” for as long as whatever I do is in the interest of the people of Edo state, posterity will vindicate me’.

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