Labour Party Candidates commence ward to ward campaign in Oredo

The candidates of the Labour Party in both the National and State Assembly election have upped the political ante and kick-started their ward-to-ward campaign to get a first-hand feel of the pulse of the people as well as woo potential voters.

The duo of Engr. Esosa Iyawe and Dr. Richard Osaro are leading the onslaught on behalf of the Labour Party which is fast making in-road and gaining momentum, whilst trying to dislodge the two dominant parties in the state, the PDP and the APC respectively.

Engr Iyawe is the Labour Party candidate for the Oredo federal constituency seat in the National Assembly , Dr. Osaro on the other hand is the party’s candidate for the Oredo West constituency in the State assembly election.

The duo, who kicked-off their ward-to-ward campaign, on a grand scale, with hundreds of their supporters in tow, most of them decked in the colourfully branded Labour Part t-shirts and other party apparel moved from Ward 7 in Oredo West, the take-off point, and proceeded in a long and large stretch of the human convoy to the palace of the Odionwere on Upper Lawani, for royal blessings.

Pundits have predicted a tough battle, possibly a three-horse race in the forthcoming election in the Oredo.
Given also the cosmopolitan status of the town as well as the constant swing in voters’ preferences, it is even more difficult to predict the election outcome with certainty.

The PDP and the APC enjoy massive support among the voting public, but the Labour Party, considered the rave of the moment, is fast gaining ground and recording new converts that bring verve and new direction to the campaign.

At the palace of the Odionwere, where the Labour Party campaign team was warmly received by the Odionwere, Pa Tony Owie, who commended the party faithful for comporting themselves in an orderly manner, Dr. Osaro said their mission was to pay the Odionwere a courtesy visit as well as obtain his royal blessings on the project

In response, Pa Tony Owie appealed for a peaceful campaign and also commended the Labour Party for positioning itself as the “masses party”.

He also poured encomium on Dr. Osaro, saying he has paid his dues in the locality and deserves every support he can muster in the race.

Later, while addressing their supporters, the duo of Engr Iyawe and Dr. Osaro charged them to make a clean break from the past, saying both the PDP and the APC have failed to deliver and the only best thing left for the populace is to embrace the Labour Party which, according to them, represents the hope of a better future.

They also promised to give the Oredo a more robust representation in both the national and state assemblies, adding the constituency has been shortchanged as a result of poor representation.

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