Labour Party Aspirant appeals for review of N30m Nomination fee


The recent decision by the Labour Party national body pegging the cost of procuring the Edo Guber nomination form at a whopping sum of N30m did not certainly go down well with a number of the party aspirants .

Prince (Dr.) Egbe Humphrey Omorodion, a financial expert has described the amount as “outrageous while also calling on the leaders of the party to slash it to a reasonable level so as not to create the impression that the LP is for sale to the highest bidder .

Prince Omorodion who equally made a strong case for the reduction of the cost of the nomination form, spoke in Benin, the Edo State capital while speaking with journalists.

Some quiet grumblings echoed in the Edo LP chamber after the national body pegged the cost of the nomination form at N30m

The majority of the LP aspirants believe the hike would have a knock-on effect on their ability to contest for the coveted ticket even as there were similar insinuations that it was a money-making venture designed to pave the way for the money bags to hijack the party while freezing out those seen as the real contenders

Mindful that his comments can easily be misconstrued as either an agitation or a castigation of the party leadership whom he acknowledged are huddled by the lean purse of the party ahead of the guber election, Prince Omorodion believes the exorbitant cost of the guber form will limit the chances of the genuine aspirants who love the LP and are willing to make sacrifices for it to succeed

Prince Omorodion is well-placed to know what it takes to mobilize resources having served in a similar situation as the chief mobilizer and chairman of the Coalition of Support Groups for the Labour Party in the United Kingdom

With double degrees in accountancy and medicine, Prince Omorodion submitted that the amount for the firm is exorbitant as well as capable of stifling the voices of those who joined the LP with an intent to serve Edo State meaningfully

He asked if the fee to N15m for the Imo election, why can’t it do the same for the Edo people?

Prince Omorodion said Mr. Peter Obi, the LP Presidential standard bearer in 2023 is his hero anytime, any day, adding he was the one who inspired his interest in politics as well as the decision to return home to serve and, therefore, urged the leadership of the party to avoid retrogressive steps that could disconnect them from feeling the pulse of the people they claim to be serving

He stated further that he is eminently qualified to take Edo State out of its quagmire to the next level, insisting however that the high cost of the nomination form could be the deal breaker that could deny the Edo people of the benefits of his experience and global exposure

He said, “A good number of the aspirants and supporters have become disgruntled and may just take a walk if the party leadership fails to bulge. My advice is that I do not think my voice as well as those of others who believe in my project should be muted by this huge amount”.

Prince Omorodion also confirmed that other aspirants are dissatisfied with the fee and would be meeting very soon to take a common stand.

Alluding to not being the biblical “lonely voice in the wilderness”, Prince Omorodion revealed that other Edo LP guber aspirants are miffed at the decision of the party leadership to peg the fee at such an exorbitant rate and as such would convene a joint meeting very soon to harmonize their positions and also take a common stand.

The Julius Abure-led National Working Committee (NWC) announced this during its meeting in Abuja.The NWC further said the commencement of the sale and submission of the forms would be between Jan. 25 and Feb 11.It, however, exempted female aspirants from paying for the expression of interest form.

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