Jattu Proposes Renaming Jattu Dam, Uzairue Dam


The umbrella union of the Jattu people, under the auspices of the Jattu Development Committee has proposed renaming of the jattu dam to Uzairue Dam

Alhaji Abdul Baba Saliu, chairman of the Jattu Development Committee disclosed the position of the body via a press release personally signed by him .

Recall that the iyora community petitioned the federal government to voice its misgivings about the action of the government which wrongfully named a dam to be located in its domain as Jattu dam.

The release read thus:


We, the members of Jattu-Uzairue Development Committee in Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State are deeply worried by the recent statement by the people of Iyora-Uzairue as regards the naming of the dam in the community after Jattu-Uzairue.

We wish to state that the petition by some members of the community to the Federal Government to kick against the naming of the landmark project is unwarranted as the traditional ruler, His Royal Majesty, the Ogieneni of Uzairue is capable of resolving the issue as the dam is situated in his domain.

Iyora is one of the 21 towns and villages that make up Uzairue Kingdom with Jattu as the traditional headquarters. The paramount traditional ruler is the Ogieneni of all Uzairue people and not the Ogieneni of Jattu.

Uzairue people are one people under the leadership of the Ogieneni. As the royal father who cherishes the unity and progress of Uzairue people, he is father of all and holds the community very dear. He is ever ready to firmly and fairly address whatever problem may arise within the kingdom.

We are of the opinion that the first place of complain by the people of Iyora ought to have been the Palace of the Ogieneni who, we are sure, would have been able to amicably resolve the controversy. We are therefore taken aback by the petition to the federal government which was in haste.

The association observes that it was in the spirit of magnanimity that the Ogieneni of Uzairue suggested that the project, which was facilitated by a retired Federal Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Budget and Planning, Alhaja Nana Fatima Mede nee Baba Saliu, a daughter of Jattu-Uzairue, should be taken to Iyora and Aya-Oghena.

We want to also state that it’s not true to say that Jattu has no suitable river as the petitioners claimed. Jattu has several rivers and the dam which was originally approved for Jattu and so named was moved to Iyora and Aya-Oghena based on the suggestion of His Royal Majesty who is very keen about the even development of the whole of Uzairue community.

We would however like to note that the proposed dam by the Benin-Owena River Basin Development Authority (BORDA) on Ogio River cuts across the two neighbouring Uzairue Community of Iyora and Ayaoghena. It’s on record that the communities were offered compensation by the federal government.

The dam, when completed will no doubt, be of great benefits to the whole of Uzairue and beyond as it will bring go a long way in solving the water needs of the people both for drinking and irrigation purposes. We are therefore making a passionate appeal for calm as Jattu Development Committee and other well meaning Uzairue sons and daughters are on top of the situation with a view to amicably resolving it.

The association notes that several notable projects like St Angela Girls’ Grammar School, Notre Dame Hospital both situated in Jattu and Afashio land, NTA Uzairue which is situated exclusively in Jattu and Edo State University, Uzairue which is cited at Iyamho, Elele and Ayua are both named after the community and not the villages and towns where they operate from.

Against the backdrop of that precedent, the members of Development Committee
hereby propose that the dam should be named after the whole community instead of either Iyora or/and Aya-Oghena where the project is situated. It’s our humble suggestion that the project should henceforth be known as Uzairue Dam.

Than you.

Alhaji Abdul Baba Saliu
Chairman, Jattu Development Committee

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