Jarrett Tenebe accuses Edo deputy governor, Shaibu of stealing Rolex Gold Wrist Watch


The Edo state deputy chairman of All Progressive Congress, APC, Mr. Jarret Tenebe, has accused the Edo state deputy governor, comrade Philip shaibu of stealing his wrist watch which he described as Rolex Gold wrist watch.

Jarrett Tenebe hails from the clan and local government with Edo state deputy governor, comrade Philip shaibu.

Tenebe made the accusation through a petition submitted to the Inspector General of Police at the force headquarters in Abuja .

The deputy governor has not being in public domain probably due to the strained relationship with his principal, the state governor Mr Godwin obaseki over succession issue.

The deputy governor is presently in court to restrain the governor obaseki from inducing the Edo state House of Assembly from impeaching him.

wrist watch.


impeaching him.

Tenebe in viral video interview said “I’m here to submit a petition against the Commissioner of Police in Edo state because before the election, we were abducted by Philip Shaibu and his police orderlies to Benin when they tried to forcefully put a gun in our hands and at the end of the day, we resisted and refuse the gun”

“During the scuffle in Benin before they took us to state CID, they took my Daytona wrist watch studded with my name on it with diamond with one of my diamond rings. When I wrote my statement, I told them that Daytona wrist watch was taken from me by Philip Shaibu’s orderlies and I did my petition.

“In that petition, it was very clear and they took our finger print to ascertain weather the pistol they were trying to force on us was from us and I think they discover it wasn’t from us”

“Since then, that issue has been there, they’ve not investigated it, they’ve not returned my Daytona watch to me which I asked them”

He went further to say “To my dismay, some few weeks ago, I went to America, while in New York I got to hear about the Afemai congress going on in New Jersey and I attended, to my surprise, I saw Philip Shaibu with my Daytona wrist watch with my name on it. I wanted to embarrass him but I was asked to slow down”

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