Impeachment Panel Grants Shaibu Second Chance to Open defense


The panel tasked with investigating alleged misconducts by Edo State Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu, has set Friday as the final adjournment date for Shaibu to present his defense.

The panel Led by Justice Stephen A Omonuwa (Rtd), the seven-man panel made this decision during their Thursday sitting, proceeding with the investigation despite Shaibu and his counsel’s absence.

Justice Omonuwa emphasized that the panel would patiently await Shaibu’s defense. However, despite being called upon, Shaibu was neither present nor represented.

The panel called for appearance by the plaintiff, the Edo State House of Assembly, which initiated the impeachment process.

The Legal Officer of the Edo State House of Assembly, N. U. Ibrahim, announced his appearance for the Assembly alongside two others.

The chairman then announced that the panel would adjourn, providing Shaibu with one last opportunity to appear and defend himself. Justice Omonuwa stated, “The panel is adjourned for the last time to April 5, 2024, at 12 noon, to allow the defendant to present his defense.”

During the panel’s initial session on Wednesday, Professor Oladoyin Awoyale (SAN), Shaibu’s counsel, informed the panel of their decision not to participate. They cited the disregard of an Abuja High Court order that had halted the proceedings, indicating a disagreement about the legality of the panel’s actions.

Awoyale stressed the importance of all parties obeying the court order, which instructed them to appear and show cause regarding the enforcement of fundamental human rights prayers Shaibu presented before the court.

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