I am well-equipped to handle any challenge- Momoh tells Senate


Hon. Abubakar Momoh has told the Senate in full session that he is well-equipped to handle any challenge that may originate from the discharge of his ministerial duties .

He made this assertion in Abuja while appearing before the Senate for the ministerial screening exercise .

The ministerial screening exercise is a mandatory constitutional requirement.

Hon. Momoh was among the first batch of 28 ministerial nominees forwarded to the Senate. His name is the first on the list and the Senate screening also followed this alphabetical pattern

Looking composed and unruffled, a confident Hon. Momoh, obviously with no butterflies in his tummy, blazed the trail of the Senate screening before the rest took their turns.

At the prompting of the Senate President, Sen. Akpabio, he introduced himself, to the Senators and then proceeded to discuss his educational and political trajectory and summed it all up by saying that he is prepared and well-equipped for the task ahead.

While the session lasted, Hon. Momoh was the star performer. As the exchange between him and the Senators flowed back and forth, his style and delivery caught the attention of his interrogators, as well as the crowd of guests and others who were seated in the Senate gallery to watch the proceedings

Even those who watched the live telecast of the screening agreed that the two-term member of the House of Representatives member deserves the nomination and seems prepared for the task ahead

Also, they praised the President for “going for the best brains” and hoped the nominees will not disappoint.

In the end, he was also accorded the courtesy of “taking a bow”, in line with the tradition of the Senate.

In summary, Hon. Momoh proved his mettle at the screening. In addition, he made Edo State and, by extension, the Edo North senatorial district, proud. His poise, eloquence, and brilliance were there for everyone to see.

The Senate is expected to formally announce the confirmation of the ministerial nominees before forwarding the same to the President

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