Ex Edo Commissioner, Braimoh moderates business session at FITCC Fair


Former Edo State Commissioner of Business, Trade, and Cooperatives, Hon. Afie Braimoh demonstrated her complete proficiency in international trade and the associated politics when she moderated the business session of the just-concluded FITCC fair in Houston, USA

Hon. Braimoh’s dexterity in the way she handled the session, her acute awareness of the intricate web of interests encircling foreign trade, and the compassion and empathy with which she advocated the inclusion of Africa in the global trade flow, earned her the admiration of the other panelists

Fidelity Bank of Nigeria is the major sponsor of the annual Fair meant to draw global attention to the biases and bigotry that hinder global trade in general and also galvanize global efforts to eliminate the cogs

Hon. Braimoh played a dual role at the Fair. She used the Fair platform to exhibit her popular SACfruits brand and also chaired one of the business sessions as a result of her business leadership qualities

The business session chaired by Hon. Braimoh lived up to its billing. Held inside a fully packed hall consisting of business leaders, bankers, exhibitors, diplomats, trade consultants, and others.
, The session also includes questions and answers thrown at panelists by the audience .

While in the US, she also performed the duty of signing a vendor agreement with a consortium of US-based companies on retail business

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