Edo north PDP Senatorial Chairman, Saiki disassociates self from knocking Ighodalo’s endorsement


The Edo north PDP Senatorial Chairman, Hon Saiki Samuel Shegun has disassociated himself from a press statement issued by a section of Edo north PDP leaders forum where it condemned the endorsement of Dr Asue Ighodalo.

The sectional group within the party had issued a press statement in which it claimed Hon. Saiki Samuel Shegun condemned the endorsement of Dr. Ighodalo .

However, Hon. Saiki has come out to distance himself from the contents of the press statement credited to the sectional group .

The highly disturbed Hon. Saiki, trying to rebut the allegations and also set the records, said the distortions and inaccuracies contained in the story came to him as a “rude shock”.

In a personally signed press release in which he also alluded to the numerous flaws contained in the sponsored online publication.

Hon Saiki Samuel said it is a rude shock to read an online press statement where they claimed one Hon Saiki Balogun was the senatorial Chairman and also signed the release.

Hon Saiki claimed stated clearly that he is the Edo north PDP senatorial Chairman and his names is Hon Saiki Samuel Shegun and not Hon Saiki Balogun.

Hon. Saiki warned the group to desist forthwith from using his name and exalted office to promote an agenda and attract value.

He further said that efforts are going on to reposition the PDP make sure it retains power as well as the reunification of all factions in the party remains the focus of the leaders.

He further noted, “The major preoccupation of the PDP leaders right now is to unite the divided PDP family into a formidable and election-winning machine”ahead of 2024 election.

“I will continue to also make it clear that I believe in the continued reconciliation effort by the leaders to make the party to continue to control the seat of power in 2024 election.

“The concerned of the PDP for now should be to unite the party ahead of the party primaries and the subsequent election”, he said.

Political observers privy to the game playing out told Borderline News 24 that the tactics of the sectional group was to water down the effects of the endorsement on the governorship bid of Hon. Shaibu.

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