Edo Deputy Speaker Warns Celebrities, Youths Against Drug Abuse


The Deputy Speaker of Edo House of Assembly, Rt.Hon. Maria Edeko on Thursday called on celebrities and the young generation in Nigeria to steer clear of drugs to enable them stay focused in their chosen career.

Edeko made the call when the management and members of the Twinsporium Entertainment Agency paid a courtesy visit to her office at the Edo house of assembly complex in Benin.

She noted that the menace of drug abuse had in the past brought devastating consequences including physical and mental health problems, financial difficulties and death to the many successful celebrities in Nigeria.

She said,As professionals, one thing you people must avoid as celebrities is drugs because drugs destroy irretrievably.Most of our greatest artists today have been destroyed by drugs .You can make billions from your career and the billions will go the way it came if you do drugs.

So I am happy to see a group of people who are committed to discovering raw talents, develop the talents and empowering these youths to earn a living. At the end of the day, what we need is something to keep the younger generation busy to enable them live a comfortable life,” she said.

The deputy Speaker who also warned against human trafficking and sexual harassment, said human trafficking and sexual exploitation of both genders has been the bane of the nation.
As you are aware, we have been plagued with the menace of human trafficking and exploitation. In the past people could travel aboard to study and they will return back to Nigeria.

Edekor further stated that , People now engage in human trafficking, exploitation to earn a living which is bad. God has blessed us with everything but we Africans are selfish people.
As long as Africans continue to think about themselves before the common good of the nation, we are going nowhere, she added.

Edeko, however, called on the beauty Queens and other contestants to carry themselves with dignity and respect adding that those were the only qualities that would get them to their destinations.

She said , professionals must be people that are seeking knowledge . As you are going into this contest, go into the internet, search for those qualities you need to posses to get you the crown not just beauty .In a contest like this, your communication skills, intelligence and self respect would be put to test.it is not in nudity that you are beautiful , beauty is an inner thing.

She said, I want you to hold yourself in high esteem. And for you the organizers, you must not sexually abuse them. If anybody sexually tries to abuse you, come to me, I will send the person to jail.

According to her, I shall convey to Mr speaker that you were here and it will be good to create time to see him too so that as a house we will be supporting the development of our children.
These are the legacies we can leave behind. This is empowerment for our children, it is something very serious and very important.

Earlier, the President of the Twinsporium Entertainment Agency, Udo Peter Oshomah said that the primary objective of the agency is to discover raw talents in the entertainment industry.

Oshomah explained that the agency helps to develop talents in modelling, acting choreography and event planning among others.
We are redefining the ethics of modeling and pageantry by propagating our cultural values and morality with respect to the dignity of womanhood.

He told the deputy Speaker that the agency was a platform for young girls and boys to harness their potentials in the entertainment industry,” he said.

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