Edo deputy governor, Omobayo cautions Akpata against issuance of threat, Sarcastic remarks


The Edo State Deputy Governor, High Chief Marvelous Omobayo, is reportedly upset with recent negative comments made by Barrister Olumide Akpata, the gubernatorial candidate of the Edo State Labour Party.

Hon. Omobayo has, therefore, advised Akpata to retract his derogatory remarks and threat against him immediately or face the consequences.

“Omobayo’s wise counsel for Barrister Olumide Akpata, in his own interest and in the spirit of decency, is to immediately retract the threat that the Deputy Governor would fall before them and other sarcastic remarks concerning the Office of the Deputy Governor.”

The deputy governor, through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Victor Adefemi, denied the allegations made by Akpata, saying that he (Omobayo) was the mastermind behind the recent invasion and takeover of the LP secretariat in Benin.

According to the press release, the deputy governor was surprised by the LP gubernatorial candidate’s move towards speculation. The release also stated that Mr. Akpata, being a lawyer and former NBA President, should be aware of the consequences of making baseless accusations.

Hon. Omobayo expressed disbelief in the way and manner Akpata threw caution to the wind while addressing issues of public concern.

He cautioned him to learn how to be circumspect and act with decorum, especially considering the political office he desperately covets.

According to Hon. Omobayo, Akpata is beginning to show himself as a loose cannon who needs to be caged, adding his “reckless actions” have the potential to desecrate the exalted political office he craves to occupy.

The statement also reminded Mr. Akpata of his previous status as the President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), highlighting how disappointing it is that he is now making careless rants and threats instead of engaging in conduct that reflects well on his aspirations for the highest position in the state.

It also expressed disappointment that someone of Akpata’s stature would not maintain decorum when making public statements, saying it is regrettable that such a man like Akpata would descend so low to blame and threaten anyone in sight for their problems.

A recent viral video clip caught Akpata, amid an emotional outburst, making some uncomplimentary remarks about the deputy governor.

He was heard muttering in a mixture of English and pidgin that “Before we fall, you go fall ….. I am speaking directly to Marvellous. I am talking to him. I no put water for mouth. He is using us to shine, he cannot use us to shine…. We wish him well as deputy governor…. If na there im wan reach, e good for am’

The deputy governor reminded Akpata that he had played a significant role in building the popularity of the LP in Edo State, adding he used his goodwill and resources to support the party before Akpata and others joined and found it attractive enough to pursue their political ambitions.

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