Edo Catholic priest enjoins Benue Governor to rely on God in governance of the state


A Catholic Priest in Edo State Rev. Fr. Andrew Aigbe Obinyan, has admonished Benue state governor, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, to rely on God in his quest for the development and governance of the state.

Rev. Fr. Obinyan said this in Benin during while speaking with joirnalists.

He said “you should begin your administration with this plea: “God, I don’t know what to do. But my eyes are on you”, and you will succeed”.

“I know you will sacrifice and endure for Benue State to grow and prosper but all that will definitely take some time”.

According to him he is confident that with God’s grace, Fr. Alia will weather the brutal storms of governance that will bring the needed rainfall in Benue state”

“It’s easy and conventional to immediately focus on solving problems, creating opportunities and dishing out instructions, yet the success of a leader depends on the amount of humility that undergirds him and the wisdom that compels him to always seek God’s face”.

He said he is not asking Alia to spiritualize governance but “don’t turn to yourself and your cabinet alone, God’s Grace is available for you.

“Any one who possesses the two fold authority such as the seal of the Priesthood and political powers stands on the loftiest pinnacle of service to God and humanity. Lead yourself to God and allow God to lead you to others and you will definitely succeed with God.” he said..

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