Edo APC slams Obaseki for poor state of schools, alarming insecurity


The opposition: All Progressives Congress (APC), Edo State Chapter, has again condemned the Governor Godwin Obaseki’s led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration for the poor condition of schools, and increasing alarming insecurity in the State.

The APC on Thursday spoke through its publicity secretary, Peter Enoserogbe Uwadiae Igbinigie Esq. in reaction to the increasing poor condition of schools and insecurity in the State.

It is very worrisome to note that the Obaseki’s led PDP administration has returned the education sector in Edo to the doldrums, also allowed the ever alarming rate of insecurity.

The Party laments that the high level of overall development in the education sector established by his predecessor; Adams Oshiomhole, has since been abandoned by the administration.

Now, the schools have returned to utter state of decay before the coming of the APC led administration of Oshiomhole.

“What is prevailing is a radical departure from the high standard as set by Adams Oshiomhole’s administration: ‘the Red Roof Revolution’ which was widely applauded within and outside the State and even beyond.”

Noting also that the story of the Ofumwengbe Primary School in the media; where there is no roof, and the pupils sits on the bare floor, is only a classical example of the unfortunate situation across the State under the Obaseki’s administration.

“Whearas, the Obaseki’s administration continue to deceive the people with the so called EDOBEST program which obviously has no bearing with the physical realities on ground.

“Evidently ‘EDOBEST’ has been a conduit pipe via which the Obaseki’s administration has been using to syphone the collective resources of Edo people.

“If you go to schools across the State, with the Ofumwengbe Primary School story as brought to the fore by the journalist who visited the school on the behest of the community leaders; pupils now sit on the bare floor to learn.

“Whereas, the Edo State Government keeps singing with the EDOBEST program to have greatly changed the narrative in the State.

“But while Oshiomhole was in charge, the practicality of what the education system should be, was obvious: red roof revolution, holistic infrastructure development and teachers employment.

“Since the coming of the Obaseki’s administration, no employment of teachers, infrastructure are in utter decay; underlining the fact that its EDOBEST program is not only a total failure, but a charade.

“Ultimately, this is not how the education sector should be as compared to the dreams of our forebears.

Also notably, insecurity in Edo has assumed a frightening dimension that no one feel safe anymore. Traveling on our roads is now a nightmare, and people can no longer go to their farms for fear of being attacked.

It is very saddening that the environment is very volatile that going about one’s business is a top risk.

A case in point is the killing of the Catholic Priest in Okabigbo, Edo North last Sunday, and resumption of cult related killings on Wednesday in Benin-City.

We however, commiserate with the family of the victims, the Catholic Church, and Christiandom for the untimely loss of their loved ones.

The Party accused the Obaseki’s administration for poor funding of the security architecture in the State, hence the prevailing ever increasing insecurity in the State.

Noting, that the Police can barely function, let alone the so called WABAIZIGHAN and Vigilante outfit of the State Government.

The Vigilante outfit are not even trained, they go about carrying arms that are inferior to that of the criminal elements.

The APC consequently challenged the Obaseki’s administration to put to judicious use, the monthly security vote of the N750m it receives from the Federal Government.

As it reiterates that the situation prevailing is very worrisome, and charged the Government to wake up to the challenge.

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