Edo 2024: Hon. Sergius Ogun emerges as most adored Labour Party’s Aspirant in Edo central,

In a political landscape marked by promises and aspirations, Honorable Sergius Ogun stands out as the most qualified and well-liked gubernatorial aspirant for the Labour Party in Edo State.
His unwavering dedication to public service, coupled with a track record of accomplishments, has earned him the respect and support of the people, particularly in the Edo Central Senatorial District.

Hon. Ogun’s political journey has been characterized by a commitment to the welfare of his constituents. Serving two terms in the House of Representatives, he emerged victorious in elections conducted during the tenure of the All Progressives Congress (APC), both at the state and federal levels. His ability to secure the trust and votes of the people, even under a different political party’s administration, speaks volumes about his widespread appeal.

During his tenure in the House of Representatives, Hon. Ogun left an indelible mark on the lives of the people he served. He tirelessly championed the cause of the masses, introducing motions and bills that were geared towards uplifting the less privileged. His focus on constituency projects brought tangible developments to Edo Central, fostering a sense of belonging among the people.

What distinguishes Hon. Sergius Ogun is his deep connection with the grassroots. Hailing from Edo Central Senatorial District, he understands the unique challenges faced by his people and has consistently worked towards addressing them. His tenure saw the successful implementation of numerous projects aimed at improving infrastructure, education, and healthcare within the constituency.

Before venturing into politics, Hon. Ogun demonstrated entrepreneurial acumen by owning and managing an oil servicing company. This business background equips him with a practical understanding of economic dynamics, making him a well-rounded candidate capable of steering Edo State towards prosperity.

Beyond his political and business pursuits, Hon. Ogun has also demonstrated a commitment to education through the Sergius Ogun Outreach Foundation (SOOF). The foundation has provided scholarships and undertaken various community projects, further solidifying his image as a leader with a heart for the people.
One of Hon. Ogun’s most remarkable qualities is his unassuming nature and accessibility. Despite his achievements and stature in public life, he remains approachable and readily available to the people. This approachability has endeared him to many, creating a genuine connection between the aspirant and his constituents.

As Edo State gears up for the upcoming gubernatorial elections, Honorable Sergius Ogun emerges as the aspirant with the credentials, experience, and grassroots support needed to lead the state into a brighter future. His proven track record, both in business and public service, positions him as the beacon of hope that Edo State needs.


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