EDHA: PDP members plan to deny APC minority leader’s slot, opt for Labour Party


There are ominous signs of high level politics which may see the opposition party in the Edo state House of Assembly, All Progressive Congress,APC, not producing the Minority Leader of the 8th Assembly .

Investigations carried out by the BorderlineNews24 indicated that PDP leaders in the state are in support of an arrangements to ensure the APC members are not allowed to produce the minority leader of the house.

Before it went on recess, the House Speaker read out a letter from the state chairman of the PDP containing the party nominees for the principal post of Majority Leader, Deputy Majority Leader, and Chief Whip which has been carried out by the house.

But a similar correspondence from both the APC and the LP chairmen were stepped down on the basis that they contained “certain irreconcilable” errors which calls for sorting before the letters can be made public.

A reliable source, however, told BorderlineNews24 that the letter from both the APC and the LP made a strange request in the sense that they both wanted the position of Minority Leader of the House reserved for them .

But such a request is strange because there can only be one Minority Leader and a situation whereby both parties seem to be laying claim to the same slot poses a big dilemma.

The PDP caucus in the House has concluded plans to support the lone LP member for the Minority position as soon as the House resumes on July 8.

What that means is that it will easily sail through on the floor of the House since the Labour Party leaders in the state support the move.

According to the script of the plot, which BorderlineNews24 peep at, the House Speaker, Rt. Hon. Agvebaku is expected to call for voting to resolve the impasse between the two opposition parties.

In the process of voting, the deadlock would be broken with the PDP members lending support to the lone LP member to ensure that whoever the APC presented for the position will be given a thorough bashing.

Presently, the ruling PDP enjoys the numerical advantage of having 15 members compared to the APC and the LP which have eight and one.

The plot according to sources is a calculated attempt and opportunity to whittle the rising influence of the APC, especially in the Edo North district .

In addition, if the plot succeeds as hatched by its proponents, it will significantly checkmate any attempt by the APC to “slow down or halt” proposals and bills sent to the House for consideration and approval by the executive arm.

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