Court restrains odionwere designate of Egbaen community from presenting himself for installation


A high Court sitting in Benin has restrained the odionwere designate of Egbaen community in the outskirt of Benin, Captain Uwadiae Ohonbamumwen (RTD from presenting himself for installation.or exercising the functions of that Office, as the Odionwere cf Egbaen.

The restraining order was issued by Hon. Justice D.1. Okungbowo of Benin High Court ,on the 10″ of February, 2023, based on the Application for an Interim Order of Injunction filed by Dr. John Osa-Uyi Odiase in a suit in which the Retired Captain Uwadiae Ohonbamumwen is the Defendant.

In the Affidavit of Urgency in Support of the application, Dr. John OsaUyi Odiase informed Court that Captain. Uwadiae Ohonbamumwen (RTD), is his junior
and that both of them belong to Odiase Ogbebor Family of Egbaen.

That Dr. John Osa-Uyi Odiase has been the undisputed Okaegbe of the Family for the past 11 years; that Captain Uwadiae Ohonbamumwen (RTD), misrepresented Himself as the most senior elder in Egbaen Community, entitled to be installed as the Odicnwere, claiming that he has been denied of his right on account of vindictiveness
on the part of the Enogie of the Community for the past 5 years.

Going further, Dr. John Osa-Uyi Odiase said Captain Uwadiae Ohonbamumwen (RTD) knows that arrangements are being made to have him (Dr. John Osa-Uyi Odiase) installed as the rightful person for the position of the Odionwere of the Community as the oldest male in Egbaen. Dr. John Osa-Uyi Odiase still in his Affidavit of Urgency prayed Court to restrain the Defendant who has made plans for his own (Captain Uwadiae’s) Installation on Sunday, 12″ February, 2023; that it is only the injunction that will save him the serious, psychological distress and emotional trauma that would befall him, if his junior cousin is elevated to a position that is rightfully his.

In granting the prayers of the Applicant, Hon. Justice D. |. Okungbowa found merit in the application and held that the status quo be maintained, and specifically directed Captain Uwadiae Ohonbamumwen (RTD) not to present himself for installation, and/or exercise the functions of that office, pending the determination of the Motion on Notice fixed by the Judge for Monday 20 February, 2023.

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