CONGOs releases report on monitoring, mentoring of Csos


Conference of Organization (CONGOs) in Benin city, Edo state has released a report covering activities carried out in the EU-ACT coaching and monitoring project – including Coaching and Mentoring of 3 CSOs to improve their Networking and Civic Engagement.

The report was signed by Mrs Daisy Abiola Igaga, President and Comrade Dr. Bartholomew Okoudo, Director of Administration.

The report indicated that the Monitoring and Evaluation team visited Organizations that have benefitted from it between August and October, 2023 as conducted by the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CONGOs) M&E Project Officer.

The visit was to ascertain the state of the organizations before commencement of the project, progress and availability of relevant documents in the individual benefitting organizations as well as ensuring that the project achieved its objectives

The selected organization made a tremendous progress in achieving the project objectives.

The report further stated that the purpose of the visit was also to strengthen member organizations to independently improve their networking and civic engagements as well as build capacity on proposal writing, project management, resource mobilization, project design, development of organizational policies and effective leadership amongst others.

It stated that benefiting organizations have experienced stage by stage growth and improvement and were able to show the progress made in their organizations.

Netete Initiative, a benefiary NGO expressed satisfaction that they have experienced growth in their organization. They said they understood the need to develop organizational policies and other relevant operational modules, and have been able to develop them.

The reports of M&E visit revealed that the organizations now have vision and mission statements and observable core values and other documents as against when they had none at the entry stage.

They stated that they did not have proper documentations at the entry stage of the project, but have now been able to develop the relevant documents and have equally, better understanding in organizing their documents.

The report stated it was discovered that the organizations have been able to draft more policies that have improved their organizational operations as a result of the coaching and mentoring sessions as well as the peer learning sessions.

Despite being a woman led organization, they now have better understanding on Gender and Social Inclusion and are more determined to implement being all inclusive in their organizational operations.

The report recommended that the project team should pay more attention to benefiting organization’s financial documents to ensure improvement and proper implementation on organizational accountability.

The project team should also sustain collaboration and peer learning amongst benefitting organizations to enable low performing organizations meet up with the other organizations, as this session imparted the beneficiary organizations greatly during project implementation.

Concluding, they observed that benefiting organizations have shown improvement in organizational capacity and have gained better understanding of organizational operations, adding that most of them have shown improvement in documentation and filling as well as creating easy location of files and office address

. On the other hand, the report project team identified gaps in different organizations and will ensure that the areas needed attention would be addressed immediately for effective functionality.

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