Braimoh Signs vendor Agreement to place Made In Nigeria Products in Walmart USA.


It has always been an unshakable conviction for the former Edo commissioner for Business Trade and Co-operatives, Hon Afie Braimoh that the quality of Made in Nigeria packaged products can be made to compete on the shelf in outside countries.

Recently, the Sacfruits dried fruit range recently made news in the Afristar Awards being held in South Africa.

For this reason and more, Hon Braimoh has made it her mission to make sure that ‘Proudly Edo’ and ‘Made In NIgeria’ products are visible on the global stage.

And so as she attends the FITCC expo, Afie will be representing a consortium of companies that have just signed an agreement with the former Commissioner to open up shelves at Walmart USA brick and mortar stores and Walmart online, dedicated to Proudly African products.

The agreement is expected to commence in November 2023 just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping season.

This is in line with her on-going discussion to establish a ‘Last Mile’ African Hub on the East aCoast of the US, in Miami and another on the West Coast, and is in fulfillment of a partnership with Ancestral House Global

The Ancestral platform has been rigorously built to interconnect Africa’s digital economy of producers and consumers and integrate a transformed digital Africa into other continental markets foremost of which is North America.

Resident and growing on every continent today is a powerful multicultural millennial population controlling upwards of $65 billion in consumer spending in North America, influencing Africa’s $3 trillion marketplace and underserved in diaspora communities on other continents. The Sacfruits-Ancestral Partnership is focused on building structures that seamlessly connect demand and supply flows around this dominant market group.

The technologies of today are shaping the future of the world to come and Afie and her partners are positioned to play a defining part.

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