Benin United Forum Tackles BNC over alleged Neglect of Edo South by Minister of Niger Delta


A Benin based social cultural group Benin United Forum, BUF, has accused the Benin National Congress, BNC, of playing the ostrich in the matters that affects Benin kingdom.

The BUF accusation is a reaction to the press statement issued by the Benin National Congress and signed by Aiyamenkhue Edokpolor and Maxwell Uwagboe wherein they alleged that 5 Major Projects under the Niger Delta Ministry for 2024 budget were allocated/sited exclusively in Edo North where the Minister hails from to the exclusion of other parts of the Niger Delta Communities especially Edo South District being the area with oil and gas production basin of the Niger-Delta.

The Benin United Forum BUF press statement was issued and signed by the president of the group Mr. Iyamu Osaro Culture and Osayuki Benson, the Secretary General.

The press statement read thus

” we would have ignore the authors of the witch-hunting and self serving press statement but history will not be kind to us who have been outspoken against maladministration in Niger Delta Region and Edo state in particular if we fail to set the record straight. History has it that this is the first time Edo is producing Minister of Niger Delta Affairs as against the unfair practice by former Presidents of Nigeria. We want to sincerely once again thank President Ahmed Tinubu who changed the narrative by appointing Edo man as Minister of Niger Delta Affairs who is Rt. Hon. Engr. Abubakar Momoh.”

Having critically study the witch-hunting and self serving press statement issued by Aiyamenkhue Edokpolor and Maxwell Uwagboe, we wish to ask them why have they been so quiet and remain unperturbed/unconcerned; (1) To challenge and interrogate how Edo State Government used the 13% derivation given by Federal Government for the development of our dear state??

(2) When last did you call to order the past and present NDDC representives who are from our Senatorial District for their lopsided representations and poor handling of projects and people living in the oil rich communities domiciled in Edo South Senatorial District?

(3) When Godwin Obaseki fought his way out to deprived Benin/Edo man from been inaugurated as NDDC Chairman??

(4) When Godwin Obaseki was dragging Artefacts with our revered Palace??

(5) When the immediate past Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehainire could not secure one single project to Edo South nor empower Edo people??

(6)When Godwin Obaseki was conniving with some defiant and suspended Enigies inorder to cause division in our well structured Benin Kingdom??

(7) When Godwin Obaseki stopped some key projects that were initiated by some opposition leaders in the Edo state??

(8) Since Godwin Obaseki took over from Oshiomhole, we haven’t seen your press statement targeted at urging him to fulfill his electoral promises.

Like the adage goes, charity begins at home. Thus, it is on this note that we want to advise Aiyamenkhue Edokpolor and Maxwell Uwagboe to start their agitation cum engagement from Edo South leaders who have under-developed our Senatorial District rather than pursuing shadow. If any one have issues with the way and manner the Minister sited the projects, we expect that such person or group of persons should have seek private conversation/meeting with the Minister rather than resorting to public witch-hunting.

To this end, it is pertinent to advise Aiyamenkhue Edokpolor and Maxwell Uwagboe to stop pulling down our own under the guise of agitation while pursuing your selfish interest.


Mr. Iyamu Osaro Culture- President

Osayuki Benson-Secretary General

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