Atiku’s visit to Edo: APC alleges Obaseki of mobilizing civil servants, renting crowd

The opposition political party in Edo: the All Progressives Congress (APC) has alleged the Governor Godwin Obaseki administration of mobilizing the State civil servants, and renting crowd for the People Democratic Party’s Presidential rally in Benin-City; on Saturday, 22 October, 2022.

The Party made the allegation amongst others on Friday, 21 October, 2022 in a statement signed by its mouthpiece, Peter Enoserogbe Uwadiae Igbinigie Esq, and availed the media in Benin.

The APC say the PDP administration of Governor Obaseki has obviously failed in positively impacting the people of Edo, and it is no longer popular hence the resort to mobilizing civil servants and renting of crowd to the Party’s Presidential rally.

The move it says is to deceitfully make the world and the Presidential candidate: Atiku Abubakar believe that the much needed crowd is behind the Party, APC say.

This is even when the State Executive Committee of the PDP in a well advertised press release signed by the Chairman; Hon. Omagbon, Secretary, Hilary Otsu, and Chairmen of the Party in the 18 Local Government Area of Edo, had rejected the list of the State Campaign Council allegedly authored by the Governor, it was said.

According to the APC, the State Executive Committee of the PDP is angry that the visit of the Presidential candidate is shrouded in secret.

“…Edo people are not unaware of the unholy move by the Governor to hoodwink the Civil Servants to suffocate themselves in the muddy waters of politics.

“By making the Heads of Ministries, Parastatals to deploy them to the stadium on Saturday, 22 October, 2022 for their party (PDP) Presidential rally.”

Noting that the rot in Obaseki’s Government and governance stinks, the APC asserts that with its poor performance, comparatively; Edo people knows that the opposition Party (APC) had affected them positively therefore, they would choose wisely in the next elections.

The statement also chides the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media, Crusoe Osagie for continually reeling out concocted lies to diverting attention of Edo people, from the many ills of the Obaseki led PDP administration against them.

“Not too long ago, Crusoe Osagie unsuccessfully tried to defend the Government of Godwin Obaseki over the illegal demolition of over 150 houses in Obazagbon, Okeoroma, Irhirhi Communities.

“But the actions and statement of the Commissioner for Communications and Orientation, Edo State, Chris Nehikhare justifies the APC claims that the demolition was illegal, and that the Governor Godwin Obaseki led Edo State Government and its co – travellers are Land grabbers.”

The APC pointed out that the explanation of the Obaseki’s Government is distorted and uncoordinated.

Otherwise, how would it say the land was acquired in 2017, only to be conducting verification and investigation of those who are real owners now; after demolition of their properties? It questioned.

“Does this not negate the well established legal maxim: ‘Quic Quid plantatur Solo Solo Cedit’ ( What is on the land form part of the land); and the notorious principle of Bona fide claim of right, which would have excused the Government of any compensation to anyone who trespassed into the Land that is in peaceable and quiet possession for compensation?

“It will do Crusoe Osagie personal and political good, if he restrained from making public statements which further demeans the already battered image of the Party (PDP) which is almost now near non existent in Edo State.”

Crusoe Osagie had on Thursday in a statement posited that the APC had failed and cannot lie its way to electoral victory, in Edo.

“They have staged a feeble comeback to the public space to pollute the air with their lies and poorly-crafted falsehoods” seeing the 2023 election as another business venture that must be harvested for its full worth, Crusoe said.

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