The Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo state, Nigeria has been confered with the CORPORATE ETHICS AND INTEGRITY COMPLIANCE AWARD, 2023 by the Center for Ethics and Self Value Orientation (CESVO).

The institutional and individual awards were also confered on the Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Asomwan Sonnie Adagbonyin and other members of the University’s Management team at the Office of the Vice Chancellor on Friday by a Lokoja based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Centre for Ethics and Self Value Orientation (CESVO) which focuses on exposing corruption.

Speaking shortly before decorating the Vice-Chancellor with the medal for both awards, the Executive Director, Centre for Ethics and Self Value Orientation, Prince Salih Musa Yakubu said, “This University was, at a time, among the selected ten most corrupt state-owned university in Nigeria.”

According to Prince Yakubu, “The ability of the Acting Vice Chancellor to say no to certain unethical things that are done arbitrarily has elevated the University from its chronic bad records to a better one.

“We are aware that your life may be at risk for taking these bold steps to redirect the institution to the path of greatness, don’t forget that God is in control of all our affairs. You must not be detered; you must be more determined and resolute that your mission here is to sanitize the university.

“Out of all the state-owned universities under consideration at this point, we saw indicators of performance of leadership and management that is ethically correct; yours is one of the ten most ethically responsible, highly rated state-owned university in Nigeria today.

“From the indicators we have seen and the kind of dexterity you have demonstrated so far under your leadership, the name of this university is hereby delisted from the list of state-owned universities that are endemically corrupt. We can categorically say, without any fear of contradiction, that Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma is today one of the most ethically responsible, corrupt-free state university, genuinely committed to the provision of quality university education in Nigeria.”

Prince Salih Musa Yakubu said: “These awards to Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, as well as to the Vice Chancellor and some of his Management team, is meant to encourage all to do more, to restore the University back to the pinnacle of its glory.”

The Executive Director noted: “The Vice Chancellor bagged his award in Ethical Conduct and Leadership Compliance based on his assessment in: self-discipline, emotional intelligence, time management skills, corporate policy performance, ethical uprightness in work place, past antecedents, fiscal discipline and dedication to public service, among other thematic areas.”

Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, according to Prince Yakubu, polled a cumulative corporate score of 76% thereby defeating many other state-owned universities across Nigeria in a covert investigation by the Centre to win its award, while Professor Asomwan Sonnie Adagbonyin who bagged the award on Ethical Leadership/Conduct Compliance was said to have garnered 77% to clinch his award.

The award confers on him the highest Honorific title of the Centre for Ethics and Self Value Orientation (CESVO) which is the Integrity Icon of Nigeria (I.I.O.N).

As a reward for the awards won by the University, the Vice Chancellor and his management team, the CESVO boss announced an offer of systemic training in Ethical Leadership for 200 members of AAU community, to be made up
of 100 staff members and 100 student leaders which will come at a 70% liability to the Centre for Ethics and Self Value Orientation while the University caters for 30%.

The CESVO also conferred Professional Ethics Compliance Awards and Work Place Ethics on the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Prof M.A. Azeke, Acting Vice Chancellor (Administration), Prof Theophilus Agweda, the Acting Registrar, Ambrose E. Odiase, the Bursar-in-Charge, Otoide Matthew Osahon and the Acting ICT Director, Dr.(Mrs) Jane Itohan Oviawe.

In his response, the Vice Chancellor of the award-winning university, Professor Adagbonyin, expressed profound appreciation to the
Centre for Ethics and Self Value Orientation for the honour, stressing that “the awards conferred on me, the University and other members of staff will go a long way to further dispel all the misinformation about our great university.”

While ascribing the awards to the collective efforts of all staff of the University, as well as the supervisory roles of the Special Intervention Team (SIT), Professor Adagbonyin dedicated all the awards to the S.I.T., noting: “With this, we are more determined, as a team, to work towards sustaining the required standard expected from a university of first choice such as ours.”

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