[9/2, 12:25] Igwe: The Edo State deputy governor, Hon. Philip Shuaib has said there is no iota of truth in the purported claim about the relocation of his office on the orders of the state governor

He stated emphatically that such claims only exist on social media as he is yet to be officially communicated and so dismissed the speculation as the figment of the imagination of detractors, adding that government businesses are not conducted on social media

Hon. Shuaib asserted during an exclusive interview with the crew of the Borderline News24 after casting his vote at his Unit 5 polling unit of the Azama Primary School, Jattu, Etsako West council area, on Saturday

The social media in the state went agog during the week. Tales about the deepening of the political rift between the deputy governor and his principal, Gov. Obaseki, went viral.

Governor Obaseki was widely reported to have directed the immediate relocation of the office of the deputy governor to an exclusive part of the Benin GRA. There has, however, been no official denial of the story.

Reacting to the insinuations, the man in the eyes of the storm, told Borderline News24 that he is yet to be officially communicated about the purported order and would, therefore, and would, therefore, dismiss it as “one of those social media stunts”

Looking calm and unruffled, Hon. Philip Shuaib, despite the heightened rift between him and his boss and the pressure associated with it, still had the presence of mind to come out and perform his civic responsibility as a voter as well as galvanize support for the ruling PDP.
[9/2, 12:43] Igwe: Borderline News24 learned that the new office reportedly assigned to the deputy governor, outside of the usual Dennis Osadebe Government House, was an abandoned building within the Benin GRA

When our reporter visited the location, he spotted a signboard with the inscription “Office of the Deputy Governor”. The building itself looked desolate and decrepit. Tell-tale signs that it had not been habited for a long time were written all over it

The only consolation, however, is that the building is located on a street that bears the name Dennis Osadebe Avenue, Benin GRA.

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