6 killed as trees fell on traders in Jattu market aftermath of heavy rain


Mother nature unleashed its fury early Monday morning at Jattu market In uzairue clan in Etsako west LGA, bringing heavy rain that resulted in widespread flooding , significant damage and loss of life.

Tragically, unconfirmed report said about 6 lives, including a mother and her child, were lost .

Eyewitnesses described the popular Jattu market area as the epicentre of the disaster, where the old sturdy trees, providing shade to traders and visitors, succumbed to the heavy winds and fell.

Upon receiving the distress call about the incident, Etsako West council chairman, Hon. Marvellous Zibiri, rushed to the scene for an on-the-spot assessment, accompanied by top council officials.

Preliminary reports indicate ten casualties, with further investigations ongoing.

Hon. Zibiri extended condolences to the victims and assured them of the Council’s commitment to assisting.

He mentioned receiving the distress call between 8 and 9 am and promptly mobilizing the Council’s emergency response team.

According to the incident report, some victims sought shelter under the trees in the Jattu market area during the heavy downpour, leading to tragic consequences when the trees fell.

Hon. Zibiri labelled the incident a “colossal tragedy” and expressed heartfelt sympathy to the affected families.

In a display of compassion, Hon. Zibiri led the operation to rescue those potentially trapped under the fallen trees, and council workers used saw blades to clear the area in search of any other victims.

The Jattu market is reputed as the largest market in the Edo North district. It is held every eight days and attracts traders from far and wide with their wares.

The market was in full session that fateful Monday morning when the heavy downpour began.

Most of the traders and buyers sought shelter under the large old trees that lined the area.

The incident caused a stir across the local government. However, Hon Zibiri appealed to residents to remain calm and stay indoors when it rains.

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